Angus VNR: Profitable opportunities found locally

Feedlot Focus

Yearling Health in the Shadow of Drought

By: Lyndee Stabel

Fall can be a challenging time at the feedyard. Calves are coming in from all over when weather is widely variable, and drought conditions in recent years only magnified the health risks. Though many areas have seen… Continue reading →

Stocker Special

Selling vs Backgrounding 2014 Calves

By: Warren Rusche, South Dakota Sate University Extension

So far 2014 has been one for the record books when it comes to the cattle market. Increased cattle values combined with less expensive feed have dramatically changed the outlook for cow/calf… Continue reading →

Cow/Calf Corner

A New Test for Ranking Forage Quality

By: Heather Smith Thomas

Hay quality has a big influence on animal performance. Beef producers often use analytical tests, and look at the test results for crude protein (CP) and fiber components (ADF and NDF) when sending in hay samples.… Continue reading →

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