Angus VNR: Genetics may solve cattle health challenges

Feedlot Focus

Q & A Shade

Ag engineer, John George of Ag Engineering Associates, answers reader questions on construction, design and regulations. This issue’s topic: shade.

Reader Question: Summer is here and I’ve considered building shades in my pens. I’m curious if I’ll recoup my expenses… Continue reading →

Stocker Special

Alternative Methods of Horn Fly Control

By: Heather Smith Thomas

Of all biting flies, horn flies cause the most problem for cattle because adult flies spend almost all their time on the host. During fly season, an animal may have thousands covering neck, shoulders and back,… Continue reading →

Cow/Calf Corner

Stockpiled bermudagrass can reduce winter feed costs

Glenn Selk, Oklahoma State University Emeritus Extension Animal Scientist

Harvested forage costs are a large part of the production costs associated with cow-calf enterprises.  An Oklahoma State University trial had the objective to economically evaluate stockpiled bermudagrass.  The research found… Continue reading →

Genomics enhance beef cattle breeding

COLUMBIA, Mo. – Selecting breeding animals on how they look, by phenotype, worked for centuries. Progress in improving cattle was made just on appearance.

Now genotype pushes phenotype back to horse-and-buggy days. It’s data and what’s inside that counts.

Arrival… Continue reading →

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