Cow Calf Corner 8/30/2014

Feedlot Focus

Feedyard Water: Recycle, Reuse

p16Livestock facilities across the  nation are adapting to Mother Nature. Not enough water, too much rain, heat, wind… feed yards must find ways to stay in operation, despite the challenges they face. One such yard is Ordway Feedyard near Ordway,… Continue reading →

On the Plains: trains and $2 corn

By Miranda Reiman

Consider $3,300 rail-car cost a crystal ball for the corn and cattle feeding industries.

“The grain farmer is absolutely going to get hammered to move his grain,” said Dan Basse, president of AgResource Company.  “All of this… Continue reading →

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Company News

EZ Ration Processor

The new Hydraulic Drive EZ Ration Processor by RCMR Inc. is more compatible with the New World series Allison transmission with PTO drive component on the engine side of the torque converter. This new model eliminates most of the drive… Continue reading →

Marketing & Management

Q&A Drainage: Mounds or Constant Grade?

By: John George, Agricultural Engineering Associates

Reader Question: “I am planning some new feedlot pens. Should I design for mounds in the pens or for a constant drainage, grade from the front to the back of the pen?”

John George’s… Continue reading →

Creating a Culture of Professionalism

By: Don Tyler

Some consulting veterinarians say that they can tell how well the animals in a feed yard are taken care of by how clean the employees keep their break room and refrigerators.  To quote one, “If the employees… Continue reading →

Beef News

Beef Bites

Have a busy weekend planned? Here are Beef Brisket French Dip Sandwiches that are done in the crockpot! Talk about a time saver! brisket-3-731x1024

3 Tablespoons olive oil
2-3 lbs. beef brisket
Sea salt and black pepper
1 yellow onion,… Continue reading →