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Corn has been at historical highs over this past year and there does not appear to be any relief to cattle producers in the near future. These high grain prices are challenging the profit potential of producers, especially those that do not have the resources to grow their entire supplies of corn and corn silage. This year’s corn crop is going to be as valuable as it has ever been. Therefore, it is important that cattle feeders maximize the use and nutrient digestibility of their homegrown corn. Silo-King® (Agri-King, Inc., Fulton, IL) forage treatment is specifically designed to preserve feed inventory (reduce shrink and dry matter loss) and improve nutrient digestibility in ensiled grains and forages.

Treating high-moisture corn (HMC; 28% moisture) with Silo-King® has been shown to decrease DM losses from 4.9 to 1.4%. This is a 71% improvement in reducing shrink (DM loss). With corn being $7.00/bu, the shrink savings is valued at $7.41 saved per ton of HMC ensiled. Furthermore, a 1.2% increase in energy density in Silo-King® treated HMC was observed, which provides a benefit of improved feed conversions in finishing cattle.

Treating corn silage with Silo-King® significantly reduced DM losses from 8.6 to 2.7%. This was also a 70% reduction in shrink (DM losses), similar to what was observed in HMC. With corn silage being $60/ton, the shrink savings (reduction in DM loss) is valued at $3.54/ton of corn silage ensiled. The Silo-King® treated corn silage was more digestible, due to the increased retention of digestible nutrients.

With corn supplies being tight and prices at unprecedented levels, this is the year to minimize losses due to shrink along with improving the nutrient digestibility when harvesting HMC or corn silage. Using Silo-King® technology to minimize shrink and improve nutrient digestibility will result in being able to maintain and/or enhance profitability of feeding corn and corn silage to feedlot cattle.

Agri-King, Inc. is headquartered in Fulton, IL, USA, and internationally known for precise feed analysis, ration formulation, and innovative nutritional products. Agri-King is a highly respected leader in working with livestock producers to optimize production, enhance feed efficiency, and maximize producer profits. For further information, contact Agri-King, Inc. at 800-435-9560 or

Silo-King® is a registered trademark of Agri-King, Inc.

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