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Peterson Farm Bros: Takin’ Care of Livestock (Takin’ Care of Business Parody)

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Feedlot Focus

Texas grain industry reduces aflatoxin risk

COLLEGE STATION – Grain industry representatives are touting the effectiveness of the One Sample Strategy, a standardized testing method for aflatoxin. The program is administered by the Office of the Texas State Chemist, part of Texas A&M AgriLife Research. The program has received support from a number of grain groups who are backing the program. Previously, grain elevators had no uniform method ...
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Springtime Mud Impact and Management

By: Russ Euken, Iowa State University Extension

Earth surface feedlots and springtime in Iowa typically don’t go well together. When temperatures start to warm above freezing and ground begins to thaw, any additional moisture can create mud issues. Of course spring is not the only time mud can be an issue. Any time we have excess moisture from rain and snow, ...
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Independent, Third-Party Feedlot Audits – The Wave of the Future?

By: Jennifer Garreau

A growing number of beef consumers are looking for something more than just flavor and value, they want to know that the beef they are feeding their children is safe, wholesome and humanely raised. In order to meet consumer demands RobEirich, University of Nebraska Extension Educator and Nebraska Beef Quality Assurance(BQA) Director believes processors, feedlots and producers should be ...
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Stocker Special

When May hay won’t dry, wrap it up to make baleage

COLUMBIA, Mo. – “I’m seeing more baleage being made than ever before,” says Rob Kallenbach, University of Missouri Extension forage specialist. May is the best month for making high-quality forage. Also, May is the wettest month of the year in most parts of Missouri. “Making dry hay gets difficult,” Kallenbach says. The answer is wrapping a high-moisture bale of hay in plastic. High-moisture ...
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Consider Early Grazing Alternatives

Ranchers should not rush to turn livestock out on pasture in the spring, North Dakota State University livestock and rangeland experts say. “With the dry conditions this spring, forage production will be lower than average,” rangeland management specialist Kevin Sedivec cautions. “Early spring grazing, especially under dry conditions, can be costly in terms of total forage production during the entire grazing season. Grazing before native ...
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Cow / Calf Corner

Purdue beef expert: Breeding soundness exam key to expanding herd

By: Darrin Pack

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. – Testing bulls for reproductive health is even more important now for beef cattle producers because feeder calves are expected to generate record prices this fall, a Purdue University veterinary scientist says. “Beef producers need to do everything that they can to produce a calf from every cow,” said W. Mark Hilton, clinical professor of beef ...
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Another look at fall versus spring calving

By: Glenn Selk, Oklahoma State University Emeritus Extension Animal Scientist

As cow herd managers monitor the pasture conditions this spring and make decisions about rebuilding a depleted cow herd, some may wish to rethink the time of year that breeding and calving take place.  New data from Tennessee on a fescue-based forage system gives us more information about the direct comparison ...
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Feedlot CME Market Links
Feeder Cattle Corn
Live Cattle Wheat    
Industry News

Sustaining Rangelands, Leaving a Legacy is Theme for August Range Schools

(Hutchinson, KS) “Sustaining Rangelands by Leaving A Legacy is the theme for the Kansas Grazing Lands Coalition (KGLC) summer range schools,” said Tim Christian, state coordinator for the group. “The Mid-/Shortgrass Range School ...
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Understanding wet hay

By: Glenn Selk, Oklahoma State University Emeritus Extension Animal Scientist

After several years of drought, rain in Oklahoma is allowing cool season forages to grow in abundance.  Harvesting and baling cool season crops such ...
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Company News


Kuhn GMD Select MowersNew GMD Select Series The new GMD Select Series is an all-new evolution of existing Kuhn mowers for small and mid-sized farms. ...
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ADM Alliance Nutrition® introduces Cellarator® Turbo Drench

Cellarator-Turbo-Drench_w Gun_0115_largeADM Alliance Nutrition® introduces Cellarator® Turbo Drench which helps lessen the effects of stress, supports performance and deters dehydration. This fast acting, oral ...
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Bird B Gone Now Offers Solutions for Grain Storage and Manufacturing Facilities

Bird B Gone, the leader in bird-control products for commercial, industrial and residential applications now offers a complete line of bird control solutions for today’s grain storage and manufacturing facilities. Pest birds create ...
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Marketing & Management

Purdue specialist lists guidelines for buying used farm machinery

By: Emma Hopkins

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. – Prices for used farm machinery have been trending lower in the past year due to a surplus of inventory at dealerships, but buying used may not always be the best option, a Purdue University expert says. Robert Stwalley, assistant professor of agricultural and biological engineering, urges farmers thinking of buying ...
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Beef News

Beef Bites

Ready to lighten up the menu? Here is a tasty recipe for Chimichurri Steak Wraps, give them a try! Chimichurri Steak Wrap Ingredients 12 ounces grilled beef steak, cut into slices 3 cups fresh baby spinach 1/2 large red bell pepper, cut into thin strips 4 medium whole wheat tortillas (8 to 10-inch ...
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