We have responded to the expressed interest within the wildlife and ranching communities; and by teaming up with two respected instructors we are proud to present to you a Continuing Educational program yielding 7.5 hours of CE credit.

June 7, 2019

8:30AM – 5:00PM

Price: $95.00
Includes a catered lunch

Reig’s Gun Shop and Range
5512 S Orange Blossom Trail,
Orlando, FL 32839
Acquire 7.5 CE Credits for attending this seminar.

Board of Veterinary Medicine
  • Drug usage review
  • Drug, species, age, sex factors for optimal needle length and configuration (gelatin collars, barb type and shot placement)
  • Loading RDDs [Darts] under field conditions with select drugs; night time, reload speed
  • RDD trajectories with various pressure settings and distances, and projectile systems
  • Different optics/sights for different applications and personal preferences
  • Shot placement options for various scenarios, species, body sizes, needle lengths, chemical agents, etc.
  • Night shooting with artificial light, NV, or thermal, considerations of obstacles between shooter and target, magnification setting for different circumstances
  • Critical anatomical considerations for injury or confounding drug delivery (e.g., depth of soft tissue to bone)
  • Understand species-specific behaviors to predict/anticipate potential response to RDD / dart discharge.
  • Basic precision assessment for shooting skill. Trigger control for different projector designs
Dr. Anthony DeNicola

Dr. DeNicola received a M.S. from Yale school of Forestry and his Ph.D. from Purdue University in wildlife ecology.
Dr. DeNicola has worked on hundreds of field projects, produced 30+ publications in reputable scientific journals, and has presented at numerous professional conferences.
Kyle Rozell, DVM

Dr. Rozell is a 2008 graduate of veterinary medicine from Oklahoma State University who is from Tahlequah, OK.  Dr Rozell has been in and around the beef industry his entire life. His interest are in the cow/calf reproductive and herd health efficiency and improving the stocker industry.  His current territory is from Joplin MO, to Conway AR, Wichita Falls TX to Paris TX and all points in between.  He is licensed in OK, TX, MO, KS and AR.  
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