AgriLabs® Expands Range of De-wormers with Agri-Mectin® Plus Clorsulon for Cattle

agrilabs 7.5.13ST. JOSEPH, Mo., AgriLabs has added Agri-Mectin Plus Clorsulon to its range of branded anthelmintics.   “With the addition of Agri-Mectin Plus Clorsulon we are able to provide an economic alternative to those producers and veterinarians in areas where liver flukes are a concern,” said Adam Yankowsky, Business Unit Manager for livestock products.   Agri-Mectin Plus Clorsulon  is a sterile injectable  dewormer that offers the advantages of ivermectin 1%, plus clorsulon to expand treatment and control of liver flukes in cattle.

“Across the United States, there are several regions that are endemic, essentially where the soil and environment are wet and support snail habitats. When snails become infected with the parasite Fasciola hepatica,  they shed a motile ciliated form that attaches to grass and are subsequently ingested by grazing cattle, migrate to their liver where they grow and shed eggs back into the environment to continue the cycle again,” added Yankowsky. “Infestations can lead to weight loss, compounded with reduced milk output, and have a negative impact on reproduction efficiency and general body condition scores. Producers should work with their veterinarian to determine the most appropriate parasite control program for their operation,” said Roger Winter, DVM, Technical Services Manager for AgriLabs.

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