Volume VII Number 1
January/February 1999

Editor's Desk by Bob Strong

Study Shows Buyers Pay More for Value-Added Calves

The More Things Change the More They Stay the Same

Beef Industry Remains Net Value Exporter, Still See International Markets Key to Growth in the Industry

Unity Is Key To Cattle Feeders' Future

Angus Association Develops Centralized Ultrasound Processing for Gathering Carcass Information

NCBA Executives Participate in Beef Summit

Dirt Eating by Feedlot Cattle

Profitability in 1999 for U.S. Beef Producers; Consumer Beef Prices to Remain Steady

Canine Cowboys Prove Helpful

Veteran Cattle Feeder Offers Tips for Successful Feeding

Wheat Middlings Offer Benefits as Cattle Feed

Bull Tests: Do the Benefits Stack Up Against the Draw Backs

Bull Tests

Ag Engineers Offer a Variety of Services

Market Report and Analysis

Economist Is Hopeful for $70 Cattle in Second Quarter of 1999

Buyer Says No Changes

Checkoff Trains Asian Chefs on Using Chuck and Round

Are the Packers to Blame?

Country of Origin Labeling a Top Issue for Congresswoman

Producers Encouraged to Watch for Lice, Calf Scours

Millions Hear Why Beef Takes You "Back to Basics"

KLA Members Address Key Issues in Resolutions

Texas Cattle Feeders Announce Top News Stories for 1998

TX Cattle Raisers School Offers Basic and Advanced Classes

ABS Marketing Agent of Angus Sire Alliance Bulls

Beef Industry Shifts Focus With New Advertising Campaign

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