Volume VII Number 3 May/June 1999

Simple Heifer Sterilization Currently in Development Could Prevent Feeding Woes

Feedlot Fly Control with Feed Additives

Makin' the Gather: What You Should Know About Vaccines Before You Gather A Hoof

Infrared Thermography Could Be Key to Future Cattle Sorting and Selection by Detecting Heat in Cattle

Mc6 Cattle Feeders Rewarded for Environmental Stewardship

Proper Implanting vs. Improper Implanting: A Cost Difference

Check Out the Checkoff

Enrollment Underway for Texas Ranch to Rail Program

Partnerships Yield Results for Beef Industry

Sprinkler System Brings Peaceful Co-Existence Between Feedyard and Town

Study Suggests Longer Growing Season Has Negative Results for Native Vegetation

Risk Management Expert Believes Things are Improving,

Check Out the Checkoff

Use Caution When Feeding Wheat Grain

TSCRA Outreach Meetings a Forum for Idea Exchange

Routine Boiler Maintenance Prevents Costly Repairs

Japan Could Be Key to Expanding U.S. Beef Exports

Comparative Values for Receiving Diets

U.S. Beef Producers Gain Greater Access to Chinese Market

Widespread Outbreaks of Mites a Thing of the Past

Water Softeners Ease Problems and Costs of Hard Water Deposits

Producer Interest in Stocker Cattle Futures is Growing

Fly Control Achieved As Part of Total Parasite Control Program

Prebreeding and Branding Management Tips

Market Notes

Bayer Introduces a Control Program

CCA Program Hopes to Build Relationships for Cattlemen

Editor's Desk

Optimum High Oil Corn Improves Performance and Carcass Quality

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