Volume VII Number 4 August 1999

After 30 Years MGA is Still Effective

Beef Leanness Gene Pinpointed

Shrinkage in the Factory

Treating Endotoxemia Early Can Reduce Its Impact

EU Beef Ban is About Trade, Says U.S. Ambassador

Evaluating Close Outs

Market Notes

States Hand Out Environmental Stewardship Awards

NCBA Encourages Meat Irradiation, Encourages FDA to Develop Standards

Beware of Screwworms, Texas Officials Warn

Finding Your Niche

Clean Water Action Plan Should Not Affect Some Feedyards, Could Spell Trouble for Others

Foot Rot Takes Economic Toll Throughout the Year

Several Products May Be Necessary to Combat Horn Flies

Retaining Ownership to Boost Profits

First Genetically Engineered Vaccine for Shipping Fever

Ag Disparagement Laws Are Necessary

Latin American Chefs Learn About U.S. Beef Production

Body Condition in Beef Cows Affects Reproductive Performance

Great Western Beef Expo

Makin' the Gather: What You Should Know About Vaccines Before You Gather A Hoof

A Look at Fall Calving

Editor's Desk

What's the Checkoff Up To?

Beef Case Gets New Look -- Is Now Organized by Method of Cooking to Make Consumer Desicions Easier

Death Tax Elimination Gains Support

AAA Focuses on the New Millennium at National Conference in Amarillo

Compensatory Gain

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