Volume VII Number 5 September/October 1999

Editor's Desk

Realizing Your Full Profit Potential

Proper Silage Management Increases Forage Preservation

Cool Season Perennials Provide an Alternative to Wheat, Can Extend Grazing, Are Environmentally Friendly

What It Takes to Gain FDA Approval

Real Time Internet Livestock Auction Now Online

Making Your Paperwork Pay

NCBA Recognizes Cattlemen For Environmental Stewardship

Niche Market Provides Beef That's Leaner Than Chicken

Reducing Carcass Discounts Through Feedlot Marketing and Sorting Systems

Individual Animal Identification Works for Georgia Rancher

Managing Buller Steers

U.S. Premium Beef Pays First Dividends,

Reproductive and Nutrition Management for Bulls

Price Reporting Bill Expected to Pass Congress

Something Good is Happening

Unraveling the Puzzle of Bluetongue

Alternative Feeds Can Be Used to Extend the Grazing Season

NCBA Board Adopts New Policy

Retaining Ownership at Decatur County Feed Yard Pays

Clostridial Ear Injection Site Proven to Reduce Lesions

Alfalfa Silage vs. Alfalfa Hay

Market Notes

Angus Assn Offers Clearinghouse To Buy/Sell Cattle

Wintering Pregnant Brood Cows - Is It Time To Think

Prenatal Nutrition May Play Big Role in Keeping Calves Alive From Birth to Weaning

Fort Dodge Animal Health Introduces Quality Control Program

Soy-Enriched Fuel Marketed

Nationwide Feedyard Study Underway

Check Out the Checkoff

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