Volume VII Number 6 November/December 1999

Feedyard Research Attacking Dust and Odor Control

Japanese Imports Should Increase in 2000

Cell Grazing Program, Environmentally Sound Feedlot Work Together

Preventing Illness in Cattle Results in More Tender Steaks and Better Feedyard Conversions, Research Concludes

Beef Industry Educates Top Chefs on the Values of New Beef Menu Items

Sale to Feature Preconditioned, Value-Added Calves

Beef Results Network Incorporates Information & Technology

Rangeland Monitoring Provides Insight into Pasture Health and Profit

European Beef Breed Gaining Popularity in U.S. Due To Leanness of Meat and Rich Flavor

Minimizing Tissue Damage Due to White Cells May Reduce BRD Losses

Cattle Markets Affected by Many Factors

Protein and Implant Strategies

Evaluating Cattle On Arrival to Control BRD

Bunk Feeding Finishing Cattle...Feeding for the Gain Curve

Energy of Feeds, A Moving Target

Ag Information Company to Provide Detailed Info on Cattle

Marketing Cull Cows

Market Notes

Establishing Disease Resistance

Large-Scale Feedlot Trial Shows Yearling Parasite Treatment in the Feedyard Pays With Higher Gains, Better Efficiency

Congressman Introduces Bill to Prevent Meatpackers from Owning Livestock

Agriculture Can Gain in WTO Talks if U.S.

NCF Offering Scholarship

Consumers Share Responsibility in Food Safety

A Look at the Checkoff

New Research Developes Oral Vaccine, HiMag Tall Fescue

Editor's Desk

Cattle Prices Could Be Hurt by Potential Pork Bailout

The Value of Mineral in a Wheat Pasture Program

NCBA Developing Animal Identification Program

Angus Assn. Develops Internet Bull Listing Service

Yahooz Honored as Best Kansas Beef Restaurant

Brazil May Export Beef to the U.S. in 2000

Costs of Pinkeye

Montana Cattle Directory Ready

Three Steps to Successful Implanting: Scrape, Brush and Disinfect

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