Volume VIII Number 1 January/February 2000

Editor's Desk

Research Discovers that Cattle Overwhelmingly Prefer Forages Harvested in the Afternoon vs. Morning

The Antibiotics Issue - Part I

Texas Cattle Feeders Association Names Officers and Board, Presents Beef Merchandising Award

The U.S. Beef Trade, where we've been and what lies ahead

Cattle Feeders Discuss Captive Supply

Factors Affecting the Performance of Feedlot Cattle

Cattle Trading Available On-Line with CattleSale.com

Feeding in the Future

Good Forage, Health Program Keys to Stocker Cattle Success

Managing Grazing Lands for Water Quality

Developing Herd Immunity Increases Profitability

Iowa Research Cuts Feed Costs Through Year-Round Grazing

Korea Issues New Guidelines

To Easily Maneuver Cattle, Put Yourself in Their Hooves

Market Notes

With Milo Processing Consider Energy Conservation

NCBA Applauds Bill Passage

NCBA Research Shows Some Improvement in Beef Demand After Twenty Year Slide

Pasture Ponds Provide Weekend Hide-A-Way, Serve Dual Purpose

Veterinarian Offers Tips to Protect Your Cattle from Pasteurella Pneumonia

Cattle for Ranch to Rail Program Improving in Quality

Price Reporting Law a Reality

Understanding Shrinkage Can Improve the Bottom Line

Adding Sulphur to Forage Crops Can Improve Animal Response with Added Gain

Predicting Tenderness in Beefsteaks

USPB Pays $10M in Dividends

A Simple Way to Reduce Weaning Stress

Control Winter Lice Infestations in Cattle and Take Advantage of Lice Free Guarantees

Winter Stress and Feedlot Cattle: What to Expect, to Do

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