Volume VIII Number 2 March/April 2000

Editor's Desk -- It May Look That Way

Source Verified Cattle Receive Top Dollar

Summer Feeds are an Opportunity

Trichomoniasis Can Decrease Calving Rates

Be Expecially Wary of Aflatoxin This Year

Lagoon Aerator Reduces Ammonia, Nitrogen in Lagoon, Dramatically Decreases Odor

Aerator Aids in Composting Manure

Know the Difference in Flies

Graham School Offers Continuing Education

IBP Offers Real Time Price Grid to Feeders

Great Strides Are Made in Animal Agricultural Research

AgriLabs Expands Website

Beef Demand Stabilizes After 20 Years

U.S. Premium Beef Increases Premiums, Stock Value

Beef's Answer to the Chicken Breast Is Here

Computer Program Gives Cattle Feeders the Ability to Evaluate Net Dollars on Specific Cattle from Various Grids

Dectomax Next Generation Program Extends FFA Activities

Economist Suggests Focusing on Domestic Market to Increase Beef Sales

TCFA Concerned with Proposed New EPA Regulations

Cattle Raisers Welcome Irradiation of Beef

Market Notes on Captive Supply

New State Meat Inspection Program Gives Feeders Profitable Options

NCBA Convention Briefs

Nebraska Retail Value Steer Challenge Underway

New Drought Early Warning System to Aid Ranchers

Nutrition Council Meeting

Production to Set Record

The Real Antibiotics Issue -- Part II

Research Shows That Trace Mineral Program Decreases Rebreeding Time in First-Calf Heifers

Rhea Cattle Company Uses the Beef Results Network to Improve Consistency, Quality in their Branded Beef Product

Tenderness Is Up

USDA Finalizes Cold Pasteurization Rules

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