Volume VIII Number 3 May/June 2000

Editor's Desk -- Beef Quality Assurance: A Very Good Thing

Subacute Acidosis: An Often Unobserved Thief

Beef Exports Strong: Japan, Mexico Import Most U.S. Beef

Research Focuses on Cattle Bruised by Hail

Protecting Cattle from Liver Abscesses pays Dividends

Producers Convey Opposition to Proposed Marketing Restrictions

Animal Welfare As a Trade barrier

Vaccinating Kicks Off Complex Process

The Real Antibiotics Issue, Part III The Most At Risk

Beef Symposium Scheduled for June

Drought, Corn Prices Could Determine Future

Cow's Milk May Hold the Key to Protecting Meat From E-Coli Bacteria

Implanting Calves Makes Sense -- and Money

Water - It Can't Be Limited

Water Quality for Feedlot Cattle

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