Volume VIII Number 4 August 2000

Editor's Desk

Subacute Acidosis: An Often Unobserved Thief

Ag Secretaries Endorse Trade with China

National Angus Conference and Tour Set, Web site Introduced

The Real Antibiotics Issue, Part IV

Anti-inflammatory Speeds Recovery in Cattle with Bovine Respiratory Disease

Australian Researcher Clone Calf; Could Lead to First Cloned Beef Herds

Beef Demand, Exports Continue To Climb

Schurrtop Angus & Charolais Wins Great Western Beef Expo

Implanting Defects Steal Profits

Increased Usage of Electronic ID Tags Leads to Price Drop

Farmland National Beef Receives License to Develop New Food Safety Technology

Feed Additive System Makes Mills Run Smoother

Fire as a Management Tool

Glickman Proposes Organic Standards

Research Proves Implanting Calves on Grass Doesn't Hurt Feedyard Performance, Carcass Quality

Storage of High Moisture Corn

IGR Minerals Can Help With Horn Fly Problem

Cattleman Offers Insights into the Future of the Industry

Innovation is Key in Cyclical Market

InterVet Purchases Bayer Biologicals

Protecting Cattle from Liver Abscesses Pays Dividends

Preventive Program for Liver Flukes Important as Parasite Infections Spread Across the Country

Cattlemen Merge Their Marketing Power in Consolidated Beef Producers

Market Notes

Program Aids in Retaining Ownership

Feedyard Health and Carcass Quality Go Hand in Hand

Developing Replacement Heifers a Successful Sideline for Wyoming Feedyard

Separating the Wheat From the Chaff in Research

Retail Strategies Generate Benefits for Beef Producers

A Good Safety Program Can Add to a Feedyard's Profits

Employee Management Seminar Topics Range From Competitive Compensation Packages to Conflict Resolution

Senate Bill Would Reimburse Industry

Brush Shredder Leaves Pastures Smooth, Clear

TCFA Fed Beef Winners Named

Feeding Urea - Teaching employees about feeding urea supplements.

Vaccinating Kicks Off Complex Process

Virtual Fencing via Computer and Electronic Identification

Feeding Wheat to Cattle

I Wish...A brief synposis of what feedyard managers wish they could change about the cattle industry

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