Volume VIII Number 5 September/October 2000

Carbonating Cow Manure Kills Dangerous Microbes

BVD Skin Test Helps Producers Detect Disease Earlier

Zinc Amino Acid Complex Benefits Steers on Higher Protein Diet in North Carolina Study

Reference Guide Available

Livestock Marketing Association Launches First Nationwide Certified, Vaccinated Calf Program

Information is Key to Retaining Ownership in Strong Calf Market

The First 30 Days with a New Employee

The Mycoplasma Problem in Stocker/Feeder Cattle

Consolidated Beef Producers Reach Goal

Merial Moves to Georgia

Most of Texas Could Be Cattle TB-Free When New Federal Regulations Go Into Effect

Kansas Hosts Beef Improvement Federation Conference

What's the Future of Animal Identification Methods?

Producers Are Checkoff Informed

Preconditioning Helps Reduce BRD

Foreign Meat No Longer Carries USDA Grade Stamps

Reproductive and Feed Efficiencies Can Be Decreased with Liver Fluke Infection

Psychology of Starting Calves

Industry Changes Are Key to Survival

Purchasing Grain Online Increases Market Area, Saves Time

Studies Reveal Early Immunity in Cattle From Combined-Antigen Vaccines

Intervet Announces Details of Agreement with Bayer Biologicals

eMerge Interactive Introduces Fecal Detection Technology

Editor's Desk

To Treat or Not To Treat?

Grazing Corn Provides Excellent Gains on Little Acreage

Organic Feeding

Beef Industry Announces New Youth Marketing Strategies

WTO Rules in Favor of U.S. Beef Industry

Gelbvieh Alliance Hits 200,000 Head Mark

Survey Shows How Much Breed Plays a Factor in Price

Nitrate or Prussic Acid Poisoning?

Market Notes

Internet Giving Women Beef Info

Imports and Exports Up

USDA Preparing New Rules To Protect Livestock Producers In Processor Dealings

Retailer Launches "Beef Made Easy"

Beef Board Approves FY2001 Checkoff Budget

The Real Antibiotics Issue Part V

Some Practical Tips For Better Branding

Texas Cattle Industry Takes on Johne's Disease

Windrow Grazing Cheaper Than Baling

Get Extra From Wheat Pasture

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