Volume VIII Number 6 Nov/Dec 2000

Grazing is an Effective Long Term Solution for Fire Management

Hormone May Be Early Livestock Disease Marker

Exports Should Increase to World's Biggest Nation

Plant Oils Help Abate Livestock Odors

How Will This Year's Drought Effect Next Year's Pastures?

Kansas Beef Backer Award Presented

Creep Feeding Calves... There's More to This Story

Pasturing Wheat When the Stand is Thin

The Performance Benefit of Proper Mixing

Wet Byproduct Feeds Research Paying Off Economically

Congress Considers Another Solution to EU Beef Ban

A Growing Incidence of BVD Virus Infections Leaves Researchers, Cattlemen Looking for Answers

Building a Reputation as an Employer

Pregnant Cows Vaccinated for Calf Diarrheas Can Help Prevent Scours

2001 NCBA Convention in San Antonio

Market Notes

Supplementing Mature Fall Pastures

Phosphorus Levels

Not one in a million, but one in 7500

Farmland National Beef to Supply Case-Ready Beef for Wal-Mart Supercenters

Maintaining a Good Stand of Grass: The Strategy of the Flint Hill of Kansas

The Real Antibiotics Issue Final Chapter

Choosing a Custom Feedyard

Windrow Grazing Cheaper Than Baling According to Research

Necropsy Can Provide Vital Information for the Future of Herd Health

2001 Across Breed EPD Table

Editor's Desk

New Doors Open for U.S. Certified Angus Beef in Canada

Colorado Livestock Association Elects Leadership for 2001

2001 Checkoff Funding Approved

Balancing Dry Pasture Against Selling a Herd

Liver Abscesses....The Silent Profit Robber

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