Volume IX Number 3
May/June 2001

Editor's Desk: A Real "Hands On" Experience

Tenderness Study Shows Industry is Making Progress

In other checkoff-related news, Taco Bell is joining beef producers to introduce a new steak product. The premium "carne asada-style" Grilled Steak Taco is designed to meet the increasing consumer demand for steak.

Exports Should Increase Due to Bovine Disease in Europe

Feeding Sodium Chlorate to Livestock May Help Prevent

Neosporosis: A Commonly Missed Cause of Abortions Also Leads to Reduced Weight Gain in Feeder Cattle

Reproduction, Growth, Carcass Traits -Can We Have It All?

Advertising For Beef Is Off and Running

Energy Costs and Corn Processing

Texas Couple Utilizes Their Own Feedyard to Establish Texas Natural Beef

U.S. Has Safety Net to Prevent Entrance of Foot-and-Mouth

Feedyard Uses Animal Behavior Modifier to Encourage Sick Cattle to Eat

Company Uses Scanning to Sort Cattle into Load Lots

Market Notes

Needle & Syringe Selection, Vaccine Care, All Important in Injection Management

Oklahoma Beef Quality Summits Educate Participants

Retailers Reorganizing the Meat Case Notice Sales Increase

Evaluating Silage Inoculants

Tiny Mite May Provide Biological Control for Canada Thistle

Large Number of Cattlemen Take Advantage of Services Offered by eMerge Interactive

Creating Compensation Packages That Work

Tagged Red Angus Cattle Are Hitting Carcass Targets

Take Advantage of Small Grain Silages

Cornell University Study Validates Advanced Individual Animal Feed Pro-ration Methodology

Oklahoma Panhandle State University Conducts Bull Test

Vote on Death Tax is a Victory for Justice

Livestock Seized in Extraordinary Emergency will be Worth Fair Market Value

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