Volume IX Number 4
July/August 2001

Editor's Desk

Meat Case Sales Jump with Checkoff Idea

Keeping Score

Dr. Brad Morgan

High-Tech Spying--on Livestock

Atop a mobile animal surveillance laboratory, technicians record data on animal behavior. The laboratory on wheels is equipped with remote-controlled cameras and night vision scopes.

Purchasing Blended Ingredients

Texas Develops a Market for Composted Feedyard Manure

Employee Management Conference Held, Proceedings Available

Free Trade Agreement Costly for U.S. Beef Market

An Employee's Guide to BRD

All employees in the feedyard, not just pen riders, should know the symptoms of a sick calf.

Electronic Marketing Becoming Dominant Force in Cattle Sales

Bidders Compete for Certified Calves at World Auctioneer Championship

Rancher and Feedyard Owner Develops Branded Product

The Flavor wave is an infra-red cooking system can cook a steak from frozen in 20 minutes.

Manure Digester Reduces Solids, Odors in Lagoons

The SHAC Manure Digester works to break down the solids in a lagoon, preparing them to be further utilized by the soil.

PDAs for the Beef Feedlot Industry

Palm-sized computers use a stylus and touch screen exclusively in combination with a handwriting recognition program.

Are They Ready?

Where is the Beef Industry Headed?

Dry vs. Liquid Supplements

Research Finds Breeding Soundness is Highly Heritable

Take a Look at the Record

"Mega Ball" A Meaty Competitor in Taiwan

"Mega Ball" is the star attraction in a U.S. Meat Export Federation promotion that saw dramatic sales increases during 2000 on the island of Taiwan. An all-U.S. beef product using underutilized cuts, Mega Ball has also provided U.S. access to Taiwan's "wet markets" where 75 percent of consumers still shop.

Foreign Buyers Talk U.S. Beef

Certified Angus Beef Market Quotes Available

Cactus Feeders Tops Texas Cattle Feeders Fed Beef Challenge

Disease Outbreaks Make Origin Labeling Important

Correlation of Nutrition and Breeding

Market Notes

Cattlewomen Introduce Website

Gelbvieh Unveils Grid Merit EPD

Beef Demand Up for Seventh Consecutive Quarter

Angus Beef Record Service Provides Online Features

Bill Mies Joins Future Beef

Impact of Boxed Beef Price Reporting Error on Cattle Prices

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