Volume IX Number 5
September/October 2001

Editor's Desk

Kansas Beef Stocker Conference Scheduled

Consolidated Beef Producers CEO Resigns

Study Finds Backgrounding A Positive Economic Strategy

What Cattle Work In USPB?

Farm Bill Is Positive For Cattle Producers

Nutrition and Immunity

Formulating a palatable protein receiving ration for calves is essential at backgrounding yards

Feedlot Permits

This approved water retention structure is at Rex Stanley Feedyard in Dodge City, Kansas.

Reaping Rewards

Karnal Bunt in Texas Wheat Belt Could Result in a Feeding Opportunity for Feedyards

New Research: Reducing Salt in Rations

Alisal Ranch Consigns with CattleSale.Com for Third Consecutive Year

Get the Most Out of Your Hand-Held Computer

Beef Demand Jumps Five Percent

Feedyard Construction in a Big Way

The panoramic view was taken from the center of the east side of the addition to Garden City Feedyards. The south end of the yard is the left side of the picture. It is primarily finished and in use. The view from right to left, is a progressive view with dirt work on the right, to the pens of cattle on the left. The size of the addition, as pictured is one mile long, from north to south and 1/2 mile wide, east to west with 60,000 feet of bunk space for a total capacity of 60,000 head of cattle.

Breeding For Carcass Value

"Best of the Breed" National Carcass Challenge

American Beef Club, Leveraging the U.S. Beef Quality Image

Feeding Karnal Bunt Wheat

Proposed Federal Regulations Would Harm Livestock Producers

Joplin Regional Stockyards' Commingled Sales Add Value

Calf and Feeder Prices Are Close to Record

Important New Reasons for Strategic Deworming

Market Notes

Evaluate Forage Fertilization Needs After Harvest

Nebraska Beef Producer Invites World Class Partners

Samson Feedlot manager Scott Mueller invites producers with similar goals to join Samson Premium Beef. Mueller manages both the feedlot, shown here, and Traditions Inn restaurant, both liscensed by Certified Angus Beef, LLC.

Oklahoma Launches Its Beef Quality Network

New Processing Plant?

Colorado Awards Top Beef Hand

Value Added Performance: Genetics, health, management--all of the above.

Louisiana State University Scientists Discover New Virus That Results in BRD

Getting More Money Out of Cull Cows

Analyze the condition of your cull cows. Some cows will bring more by feeding them to improve their condition.

U.S. Beef Demand Continues Upward Trend

Ultrasound Technology Picks Top Steers at Beef Empire Days

Ranch to Rail Program Makes Changes to Implement a New Feedback System for Ranchers, 2000-2001 Data Available

Gardiner Angus Ranch Sets Dates for Production Sales

USDA Awards $5 Million for Ag Marketing Center

Beef Board Approves $45 Million Checkoff Budget


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