Volume IX Number 6
Nov/Dec 2001

Editor's Desk

Consumers Willing to Pay for Beef Tenderness

Computer Program Provides Numerous Tools for Feedlot Managers and Cattlemen

Cattlefeeding.com Provides Unique Site on the Web for Feedyards, Cattlemen

Consider a Variety of Options for Fall and Winter Parasite Control

Bentonite for Pond Sealing

Market Notes

China & Taiwan Accepted in World Trade Organization

TCFA Warns Cattle Producers to Beware of Animal Activists

Mycoplasmosis Update

Protein and NPN, New Research Under way

Cattlemen Make Contributions

Prevent Costly Accidents Silo Safety: Understand the Dangers Involved

New Institute Offers BSE Protection Through Certification

Winter Rations and Management

Herd Expansion Appears to be on Hold

Exports Down, Imports Up Says NCBA

Handheld Computer Applications are Helpful for Managing Cattle Health Records

Beef Producers Encouraged to "Ride for the Brand"

Environmental Award Applications Accepted

Five Steps to Being the Boss You Would Like to Work For

New Buffer Offered for Livestock

Losses Mount in Fall Cattle Feeding Cycle

Choosing A Pump for Your Application

Best of Beef Award Goes to Dallas Chef

Certified Hereford Beef Seeks Feeder Cattle Through Auction Markets

Feedlot Calves Given DFMs On Day-One Do Better

Specialty Corn for Feedlot Cattle

Convenient Beef Items Get New Focus

Consolidated Beef Producers Names New General Manager

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