Volume X Number 2 March/April 2002

Editor's Desk

On the cover

Bush Acknowledges Cattlemen, Speaks at NCBA

Making the Grade? The Beef Industry Report Card

Beef Board Releases Annual Report for the 2001 Fiscal Year

Strategies for Human Resources, Part 1

Silos of Every Kind and Size

Storing and Covering Hay

Study Shows Neosporosis Lowers Beef Production

P.M. Gobal Foods, LLC Receives Export Marketer Award from CAB

Study Shows Phosphorus Can Be Reduced

Study Shows Metaphylactic Treatment Improves ADG

eMerge Launches CattleLog, Joins Forces with Excel

Go-Home Truck Saves Time, Money, Stress on Cattle

A Better Method for Carcass Maturity

Cattle Market Economics

The Future of Future Beef Operations

More Dollars for Your Effort

Good News: Cattle-Fax Predicts Renewed Profitability for Producers in All Segments in 2002

Heat Stress in Feedlots-Part One of Six: Effects of Feed

Texas Cattle Producers Serious About Improving Beef

Market Notes

Phosphorus, An Expensive & Critical Nutrient

Straw as Roughage

No Economic Evidence to Support Packeer Buying Restrictions

Sixty Eight Percent of Beef Producers Support the Checkoff, Survey Says

Walco and Turnkey Computer Systems Develop Interface Agreement

Beef Board Officers Elected

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