Volume X Number 3 May/June 2002

Editor's Desk

On the cover

A Note From the Editor of FeedLot Magazine

Producer Dilemma: Terminal vs. Maternal Crossbreeding Systems

Fine Tune Your Feedyard with a Self Audit

Pinkeye is Contagious and Damaging

Strategy and Tactics for Feed Efficiency

Supplementing Breeding Cattle During Drought

Tips for Fly Control

Beef Empire Days Offers Something for Any Livestock Operation

Drinking Water Summer Management

Feed Short Course Offered

Alleviating Heat Stress with Sprinklers

New CAFO Regulations Are Still Undecided

It's in the Bunker: High Moisture Corn

Do Individual Animal Sorting Systems Pay?

Weaning on Green Forage: Pasture Weaning Stresses Calves the Least

Strategies for Human Resources, Part 2

Get Shooting Mad About Buckshot in Beef

Hereford Breeders Plan Summer Conference

Greater Omaha Trims the Fat for Better Beef

Market Notes

Grazing Issues in Product Development

Autogenous Vaccines Can Fill a Void

A Road Map for Managing Information in the New Beef Industry

Cooling Flakes with a Pellet Cooling System

Wal-Mart Vice President Says Company Welcomes Alliances with Producers

FDA Approves Combination Use of Deccox(R) and Aureomycin(R)

Cattle Producers Round Up Issues In Washington

Red Angus Information Available in Spanish and Portuguese

Beef Council Serves Samples at Wal-Marts

Brush Up on Modified Live and Killed Vaccines

Consumer Appetite for Beef Prevails

Quality Beef Network Raises the Price for Calves

CFTC Finds No Evidence Of Market Manipulation

CowTek Study Evaluates Calving Intervals

Raising vs. Buying Replacement Heifers

Certified SureHealth Cattle Sold for Premiums at Bloomfield Livestock Market

Stokes Named NCBA Chief Executive Officer

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