Volume X Number 6 November/December 2002

Editor's Desk -- What We Take and What We Give

Consumer Trends Echo Checkoff

Ag-Labor Management Conference Slated for Jan. 23-24

Feeding Tactics With High Grain Costs

Gelbvieh Unveils Feedyard Merit EPD

Wheat Grazing Still Possible Despite 2002 Drought

The Role of Vaccines in Herd Health

Extend the Life of Your Chute with Routine Maintenance

Kochia Hay for Drought Feeding

Red Angus "Bulletin Board"

Reward Those Who Balance Time, Proper Technique

Working Group Discusses Regaining Leverage in Fed Cattle Market

USDA Announces COL Guidelines

NCBA, KLA, Iowa, Neb. Cattlemen Conventions, Farm Show

K-State Study: Flax Improves Calves' Health, Enhances Beef

Starting Rations -- Buffers and Minerals

Cattle Feeders Have a Plate Full of Production Innovations Ahead

Study Shows Dewormer May Increase Immune Response

Composting May Be the Answer to Rising Rendering Costs

Packers Talk with Cattlemen at TCFA Convention

Impact of Calf Scours May Reach as Far as the Feedlot

Woven Rubber Mats Reduce Slipping, Cripples

Coccidiosis in Calves: Research on Hormones Effecting Immune System

Cattle Market Economics

Fall Production Could Drop Below 2001's; Change Should Lift Cattle Prices

Tasco(TM) Increases Marbling, Shelf Life, Reduces E. coli

DARTSM Assessment Ideal for Hospital-Pen Evaluation

Feeding vs. Supplementing During a Drought

Market Notes

Grain Better for Drought Feeding

Pfizer Opens New Research Facility

'Hit the Zone': New Injection Site Zone Posters Available

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