Volume XI Number 1 February 2003

Editor's Desk

National Checkoff Ads Promote Beef's Enjoyment

Texas Feeder Cattle Not Restricted -- For Now...

Lower Stress and Labor Costs -- Bring the Processing Barn to the Cattle

Metabolizable Protein Increases Rebreeding Rates

Tornado Aerator Reduces Odor

2002 Beef Checkoff Audit Available

Feeding Cows Before Calving

Oklahoma Beef Summit Scheduled

Cattle Lice: Winter Robbers

Interviewing Candidates

Feeding Bulls: Feed Trials in Alberta

Finally -- A Test for Tenderness

Real Info About Feeding Cows During a Drought

Consumers and Food Irradiation: Who Decides?

Outlook For 2003 Provides a Glimmer of Hope for Cattlemen

Eight Products Receive Mark of Quality Approval

Actionomycosis - Bony Lump Jaw in Cattle

Research Facility Finds Success with Composting Dead Livestock

Cattle Market Economics

Low-Dose Implants and Delayed Implanting a Worthy Practice

Market Update

EPA, USDA New CAFO Rule Provides More Conservation Opportunities For Cattle Producers

Slow Down and Do Things Right

Beef Industry Leaders Unveil Actions to Further Reduce E. coli

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