Volume XI Number 6
November/December 2003

Editor's Desk

Cattlewomen Educate Consumers About Irradiated Beef

NCBA, ICA, NC and KLA Conventions Feature Hot Topics, Education and Marketing Seminars

Controlling Winter Parasites

NCBA Urges "Harmonization" on Animal Health Standards with Canada

Beef: It's What's For Breakfast

Why $100+ Fed Cattle Prices?

Record Cattle Prices Are Great but Short of Highest Ever in 'Real Dollars'

Steam Flaking Barley... "As Good as Corn!"

Employee Management: Working With Family

What's in That Computer of Yours?

Dry Ear Corn... "Corn and Cob Meal"

Acidosis Can Cost You Big-Time Bucks

Research Underway Utilizes Microbes in Odor Research

Texas Governor Signs Beef Checkoff Legislation

Texas Study Shows Tempermental Cattle Eat Less, Gain Less

Beef PR Reaches Consumers

Body Condition as Management Tool for Rebreeding

Brown-Mid-Rib Forage Sorghum Silage

Cattle Market Economics: Improving the Way We Market Cattle

"Earlage"... A Success Report!

Lice, Mites and Grubs

Students Studying the Beef Industry Offered Scholarships by CME and NCF

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