Volume XII Number 2
March/April 2004

Editor's Desk

Optaflex with Rumensin and Tylan now Cleared by the FDA

Breaking the Rules -- Consider Services "Out of the Box"

Beef Industry Leaders Launch Pre-Harvest Guidelines for e.Coli Prevention

Waxy Corn for Feedlot Cattle

Market Notes

Cattle-Fax's Grid Max Helps Cattle Producers Analyze Grids

Professionalsim -- From Both Sides of the Fence

Buliding a Squeeze Chute -- Raw Metal to a Finished Product

Feed Truck Maintenance Extendes Life of Truck, Mixer

Accurately Controlling Grain Moisture Content

Risk Management

NCBA Elects Officers, Directs Policy for 2004

Pfizer Announces $3 Million Grant, Educational Partnership with National Cattlemen's Foundation

Needle Free Injection System Reduces Injection Lesions, Disease Transfer, Increases Employee Safety

On-Going Research on Food Safaety, Product Enhancement, Key to Increasing Profts for Cattlemen

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