Volume XII Number 3

Editor's Desk

Reducing Heat Stress Lessens Summer's Impact on Cattle

Controlling Dust on Feedlot Roads

Inconclusive BSE Test Could Become Commonplace

The Next Generation of the Work Force

Adding Feed Additives to Drinking Water

Playing Poker, Cattlemen's Style

Green Chop Corn

Strategic Deworming for Maximum Cattle Performace

Feeding Light Test Weight Wheat

Second VerifEYE Inspection System Installed

Finding Superior Corn to Feed

Seven Cattle Operations Win Top Evironmental Awards

Canola: A New Pasture Crop

New Traits Developed in Summer Annual Forages

Web Site Offers Composting Information

Market Notes

Teach Pen Riders to Recognize Sick Cattle Early

Angus Source Program Offers Electronic Tag Option

Cactus Feedyard and Tri State Feeders Top TCFA Fed Beef Challenge

Heat Stress Can Reduce Fertility

Marketing Workshop Offered

Pivotal Post System Allows Fencing Irrigated Areas

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