Volume XIII Number 3
May/June 2005

Editor's Desk

Fly Identification Key to Effective Fly Control

Selenium Yeast in Feedlot Rations

Manager as "Coach"

NCBA Past President Jan Lyons Takes a Look Back, Offers Insight into the Future

Kunafin Insectary Plays Role in Fly Control

Cook Your Beef Right!

Cattle Producers Call for Other Asian Markets to Follow Taiwan's Lead

Improving the Accuracy of BRDC Pulls

Pasture Management During Drought

Beef Demand Strengthened in 2004, Likely to Slow This Year

Dry Rolling Corn, Advantages, Moisture

Dung Beetles Can Aid in Fly Control

USMEF Showcases Beef at Food Show in Middle East

Protect Your Profits this Pinkeye Season

Market Notes

Canadian Cattlemen's Association Welcomes Market Funding

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