Beef Checkoff Provides Nutrition Information To Health Professionals And Consumers

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As part of Beef Month, the Kansas Beef Council (KBC) is leveraging a multitude of strategies to highlight the nutritional benefits of beef and to dispel myths related to America’s favorite protein. From sponsored sessions for dietitians to digital content reaching thousands of consumers, the programs funded by the beef checkoff continue to get the message out that lean beef can be part of an active and healthy lifestyle.  Checkoff-funded partnerships with the Kansas Nutrition Council (KNC) and Kansas Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics provide science-based information through educational sessions about the role of beef in a healthy and balanced diet. One KNC session attendee commented on a post-session survey that, “The presentation was eye-opening and shed light on common misconceptions and the research that is out there.”

In addition to sharing research-based information with health professionals, KBC Director of Nutrition Abby Heidari is helping consumers make mealtime nutritious and affordable with cooking videos from her home kitchen. Videos include quick tips to help consumers prepare beef at home, batch-cooking ideas, pantry staple recipes and kid-friendly meal solutions.

Checkoff-funded nutrition programming is committed to helping consumers keep healthy beef meals on the table and stress out of the kitchen. For more information on beef nutrition, including optimal protein levels in the diet and emerging human nutrition research, go to

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