Blach to Provide Market Outlook at Convention

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2020 Convention Audio, Randy Blach, CEO, CattleFax

The U.S. cattle industry is facing a whole new ball game in 2020. That according to CattleFax CEO Randy Blach, who will share his organization’s research and analysis during the 2020 CattleFax U.S. Global Protein & Grain Outlook Seminar during the Cattle Industry Convention and NCBA Trade Show in San Antonio in early February.

Blach says exports are an especially large part of the picture for cattle producers.

We anticipate that total protein exports, meat protein exports, in the U.S. will increase in excess of 2 billion pounds in 2020, That’s a big number. So again we’re going to have markets that are on their toes trying to figure this out. It will be a dynamic time over the next 12 to 24 months.” (27 seconds)


According to Blach, also always affecting cattle producers is the weather, which shouldn’t be as dramatic as it was in 2019.

It looks like this year is going to be a much, much more average year. Not an extreme year. It was one of the wettest years over the winter, spring and summer of last year. We’re going to have an average, normal year this year. We think we’ll have a good crop during the spring, and already have large stocks. For the grain producers out there I don’t see a lot of good news that we’re going to see prices get substantially higher for grain producers. Which, for livestock producers means we’re going to have prices that stay in the same basic range they have been the last five or six years.” (39 seconds)


Blach says financial skies should be sunny for producers this coming year.

We’re going to be more profitable in 2020. I think our cattle feeding segment is going to make more money, I think our backgrounders and stocker operators are going to make more money in 2020 than they did in 19. And if those segments are making more money that’s going to help stabilize and support the calf market by the time we get into the fall of next year.


The CattleFax U.S. Global Protein and Grain Outlook Seminar will be held Feb. 7 and is sponsored by Zoetis and Purina. Blach says those attending will be glad they were there.

These markets are complicated. They’re more complicated than at any time in my 40-year history. There are so many things that we’ll be able to share with the audience in that hour and a half that are the results of months and months of research and analysis, distilled into a take-home message that is user friendly and most importantly decision friendly. Anybody that comes to that Outlook Session is going to walk out more informed and better equipped to make better decisions as they look at their operations in 2020, 2021 and 2022.” (39 seconds)


The CattleFax Outlook Seminar is only one of the many valuable sessions being held during the 2020 Cattle Industry Convention and NCBA Trade Show in San Antonio. To learn more about the event and get registered, go to


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