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Angus VNR: Plan Now For Summer Heat

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Feedlot Focus

Springtime Mud Impact and Management

By: Russ Euken, Iowa State University Extension

Earth surface feedlots and springtime in Iowa typically don’t go well together. When temperatures start to warm above freezing and ground begins to thaw, any additional moisture can create mud issues. Of course spring is not the only time mud can be an issue. Any time we have excess moisture from rain and snow, ...
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Independent, Third-Party Feedlot Audits – The Wave of the Future?

By: Jennifer Garreau

A growing number of beef consumers are looking for something more than just flavor and value, they want to know that the beef they are feeding their children is safe, wholesome and humanely raised. In order to meet consumer demands RobEirich, University of Nebraska Extension Educator and Nebraska Beef Quality Assurance(BQA) Director believes processors, feedlots and producers should be ...
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Starlings a Costly Problem for Livestock Producers

Starlings can be a major problem for livestock producers in the northern Plains in the winter. “During a year like our last one, when the weather is particularly cold and the ground is snow-covered, these birds are looking for convenient food sources,” North Dakota State University Extension Service dairy specialist J.W. Schroeder says. “Unfortunately, cattle feeding areas provide these sources.” Starlings will eat ...
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Stocker Special

3 things to look for in your cattle mineral

Shoreview, Minn. – Whether you buy a mineral off the shelf at a retail store, walk into your local dealer and request their ‘standard’ mineral or work closely with your nutritionist to select a mineral supplement for your herd, sorting through the various mineral types can sometimes be a daunting task. It may even be a purchase ...
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Lameness – Identification and treatment important for public perception

As cattle navigate across pastures or fields, frozen ground or muddy conditions due to winter precipitation can set in motion the opportunity for injury or infections in the foot. Identifying affected cattle, as well as determining the cause and best course of action are essential not only for animal welfare, but also to keep cattle performance on track. In the cattlemen’s ...
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Know The Facts About Pooling Understand the risks with pooling for BVD testing

By: Jill J. Dunkel

As cattlemen choose to test for PI-BVDV, it’s important that best practice protocols are followed to insure the quality of the sample tested. Taking steps to insure samples are preserved appropriately and shipped quickly are all the responsibility of the person submitting the ear notches. And most cattlemen would assume their responsibilities end there. Or do they? Research ...
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Cow / Calf Corner

Keep or cull open replacement heifers?? (and buyer beware!)

By: Glenn Selk, Oklahoma State University Emeritus Extension Animal Scientist

For some Oklahoma cow calf operations, the bulls go into the breeding pasture with replacement heifers in mid-April.  As the bulls are being removed from the replacement heifers in two months, this would be an ideal time to call and make arrangements with your local veterinarian to have those heifers evaluated ...
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OSU Extension Offers Herd Bull Purchase Tips For Livestock Producers

COLUMBUS, Ohio – Beef cattle producers who want to boost their profit potential need to consider several factors when purchasing a herd sire, says a beef cattle expert in the College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences at The Ohio State University. While beef cattle producers have a wide range of criteria when purchasing a herd sire based on their production ...
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Efficiency in Your Cow Herd

By: Dr. Roy Burris, Beef Extension Professor, University of Kentucky

Cattle folks have discussed beef cow efficiency for years now but I don’t think that we’ve actually made much progress. We have breeding values, like $ Energy, to help us but we still see 1400 lb cows that wean 400 lb calves. Larger cows or more milking ability won’t generally increase ...
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Feedlot CME Market Links
Feeder Cattle Corn
Live Cattle Wheat    
Industry News

Website helps farmers identify, respond to corn ear rots

By: Darrin Pack

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. – A website developed by plant pathologists from Purdue University and a nationwide partnership of research institutions could help farmers better understand and respond to the threat of ...
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BeefTalk: Cattle Deserve a Professional Herd-health Program

By Kris Ringwall, Beef Specialist

Vaccinate because cattle immunity is a good thing. As cattle producers start to think about working all those calves that are on the ground, herd health is a priority. The initial key ...
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Company News

Custom Designed Livestock Trailer Built for South Dakota Cattlemen’s Prime Time Gala

Pierre, South Dakota – April 17, 2015. Featured during the auction at the South Dakota Cattlemen’s Foundation’s Prime Time Gala on June 27, 2015 will be a custom designed trailer from Eby. With 100% of ...
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Strain in Micro-Cell® probiotics added to 2015 pre-harvest food safety production best practice document

MILWAUKEE – April 13, 2015 – Probiotic strain Lactobacillus acidophilus BT-1386, available exclusively from Lallemand Animal Nutrition, was added to the 2015 pre-harvest production best practice (PBP) document released by the Beef Industry ...
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Marketing & Management

Purdue specialist lists guidelines for buying used farm machinery

By: Emma Hopkins

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. – Prices for used farm machinery have been trending lower in the past year due to a surplus of inventory at dealerships, but buying used may not always be the best option, a Purdue University expert says. Robert Stwalley, assistant professor of agricultural and biological engineering, urges farmers thinking of buying ...
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Meat Export Expectations for 2015

By: John D. Anderson, Deputy Chief Economist, American Farm Bureau Federation

Exports are an important component of demand for all three of the major meat species. According to the most recent data, exports of beef, pork, and chicken amounted to 21 percent, 19 percent, and 11 percent of production, respectively, in 2014. All of these figures ...
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Beef News

Beef Bites

Here’s a healthy option to try out this weekend, Mediterranean Beef & Salad Pita! Mediterranean Beef and Salad Pita Ingredients 1 pound Ground Beef 1 medium red bell pepper, chopped 4 cups chopped romaine lettuce 1/3 cup crumbled herb-flavored feta cheese 1/3 cup prepared regular or reduced fat non-creamy Italian dressing or other ...
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