BoviBrom®-treated Meat Approved for Export to Japan

Passport® Food Safety Solutions, Inc. is excited to announce regulatory approval for BoviBrom®-treated meat to be exported to the Japanese market.

BoviBrom is a broad-spectrum, post-harvest antimicrobial that has been proven highly effective in reducing levels of Salmonella and E. coliO157:H7 on red meat proteins in multiple applications and interventions in the U.S. and Canada.

“BoviBrom’s regulatory approval has been highly anticipated in the industry, and we’re eager to bring this product back to market,” said Tom Nicholson, CEO, Passport Food Safety Solutions, Inc. “BoviBrom fills an industry need for a highly 10-10-162efficacious and safe intervention and is a centerpiece of our product portfolio.”

Approved for use on beef, pork and lamb carcasses, BoviBrom is easy to configure with many existing spray chill systems. It can be used in a wide range of concentrations, pressures, temperatures and volumes, and is equally effective in cold and warm water. At recommended concentrations, BoviBrom’s non-corrosive nature is compatible with concrete, steel and other common construction materials.

In addition to the approval of BoviBrom-treated meat, AviBrom®-treated poultry has also been approved for export to Japan; AviBrom is an antimicrobial carcass wash for poultry.

Passport Food Safety Solutions is also launching the BoviBrom Convoy Elite Application SystemTM, a newly designed, completely automated application system for packers and processers. The closed-loop, intelligent design offers greater control, allowing continuous concentration monitoring, adjustments to be made on-site or from virtually anywhere with an internet connection, and reduced worker exposure and labor.

“BoviBrom brings an added level of antimicrobial control to the marketplace, and our newly designed application system makes it even easier to apply and monitor,” said Nicholson.

Click here to review the USDA approved antimicrobials listing for export requirements to Japan.

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