Bull Rental and Lease Guide Available from Iowa Beef Center

New bull rental publication offers great information and insight for bull owners and leasers.

AMES, Iowa – The only cardinal rule that applies to a bull rental or lease agreement is that no two agreements are the same. From that first sentence to the example bull lease agreement at the end, a new two-page publication from Iowa Beef Center at Iowa State University has the info you need whether you’re in the market to lease a bull or have a bull ready to rent.

Publication author Patrick Wall said the content of the Bull Rental and Lease Agreement Guide is organized by five steps with explanation and cost examples that offer easy-to-follow information.

“A written document signed by both parties is a much safer way of ensuring that details are understood by all,” he said. “Specifying upfront who is responsible for costs of feed, transportation, health and other aspects takes uncertainty out of the picture.”

Wall, who also is a beef specialist with Iowa State University Extension and Outreach, encourages people to download and look through the publication before they close a deal.

“Trust is an important part of any agreement, including a bull lease,” he said. “This free publication can help provide that trust.”

The publication IBC 0137 is available as a pdf file on the Iowa State Extension Store.

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