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By : Dr. Gary Bates, Director, UT Beef and Forage Center Many of us have read news articles or heard reports about the environmental issues that are caused by livestock. It is everything from greenhouse gases from cattle to they are using food that could be used to feed people. All of this seems followed by…

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Cell-culture Technology and Potential Impacts on Livestock Production

By : Jonathan A. Campbell, Ph.D., Meat Extension Specialist, Tara L. Felix, Beef Extension Specialist, Elizabeth Hines, Swine Extension Specialist, and Robert M. Chiles, Assistant Professor of Rural Sociology Penn State University, Department of Agricultural Economics, Sociology, and Education     Cellular agriculture has quickly metamorphized from an internet curiosity to a serious policy issue,…

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Forage Focus: Rabies in Livestock and Companion Animals

In this month’s Forage Focus podcast, host Christine Gelley, an Extension Educator with The Ohio State University Agriculture & Natural Resources in Noble County, talks with Franklin County ANR Educator Tim McDermott about the risks associated with rabies in livestock and companion animals. Many diseases can affect animals on pasture. The most difficult ones to…

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Five Tips For A Foolproof Holiday Roast

Courtesy of   The holiday season is roast season, and there’s nothing better than a perfectly prepared roast as the centerpiece of a festive meal. While holiday roasts are popular, one in five people admit to not knowing how to properly cook a roast. Luckily, the chefs from NCBA, a contractor to the beef…

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It Is a Matter of Trust

By : John F. Grimes, OSU Extension Beef Coordinator   Changes on the horizon suggest that simply having the best PRODUCT is no longer enough, merely telling the best STORY is no longer enough, and delivering great CUSTOMER SATISFACTION is no longer enough. We must also elevate consumer TRUST.   Over the past week or…

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