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Compensation of marbling for reduced beef palatability

By: Thomas Powell The generally accepted theory has been that higher levels of marbling in meat lessen the negative impact of increasing degrees of final doneness on the ultimate palatability of cooked meat. A recent study at Kansas State University published in the Journal of Animal Science adds a degree of specificity to that theory by taking…

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Ground beef from grass-fed and grain-fed cattle: Does it matter?

By : Stephen B. Smith, Ph.D., Regents Professor, Department of Animal Science The internet is awash in websites proclaiming the nutritional benefits of ground beef from grass-fed cattle. However, researchers in the Department of Animal Science at Texas A&M University have published the only two research studies that actually compared the effects of ground beef…

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Education, change: beneficial discomforts

By : Laura Conaway   Cargill nutritionist pushes producers to reach for more. Change is the new constant. A cowman’s response to the ebb and flow of the industry is entirely up to the individual – but a choice is imminent. That’s why Dusty Abney, cow-calf and stocker nutritionist for Cargill Animal Nutrition, called out…

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Genomics Helps Scientist and Producers Understand and Manage Emerging Disease

By : Jessica Petersen, UNL Animal Science Genetics & Genomics Listen to a discussion of the content in this article on this episode of the BeefWatch podcast. You can subscribe to new episodes in iTunes or paste into your podcast app. Brittle bone disease, or osteogenesis imperfecta, is a detrimental disorder in livestock.  Calves with the condition commonly suffer…

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Considerations Attributing to Livestock Losses

By : Aaron Berger, Nebraska Extension Beef Educator, Mary Drewnoski, Nebraska Extension Beef Systems Specialist, Rick Rasby – Associate Dean Nebraska Extension, Tyler Williams, Nebraska Extension Educator, Stonie Cooper – Manager of Nebraska Mesonet, Brian Vander Ley, DVM Epidemiologist, Great Plans Veterinary Education Center, Jenny Rees – Extension Educator This winter has greatly impacted our…

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