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BeefTalk: The Next Chapter: Some Happy, Some Sad

By : By Kris Ringwall, Beef Specialist, NDSU Extension The world is full of revolving doors. Recently, I walked through one and was selected by the University of Saskatchewan as the director of its Livestock and Forage Centre of Excellence, an innovative research, teaching and industry center engaged in all aspects of livestock and forage…

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Age and Source Verification Can Work

By : Kris Ringwall, NDSU Extension Service A decade has passed since the Dickinson Research Extension Center summarized a calf-tagging program to improve market traceability. The data, when revisited, tells an old story. From 2004 to 2006, a total of 14,432 calves were tagged individually and followed. Data showed 19.5 percent remained on the ranch…

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Changes in Carcass Grade Over Time

By : Dr. Andrew Griffith, Assistant Professor, Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics, The University of Tennessee Institute of Agriculture   The beef industry, similar to other industries, is constantly attempting to be more efficient and create more value in the product produced. Most cow-calf producers concern themselves with reproductive efficiencies and pounds of weaned…

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BeefTalk: Say ‘I Can,’ Not ‘I Can’t’

By : Kris Ringwall, Beef Specialist NDSU Extension “I can.” Those two words reflect a forward-thinking attitude and an entrepreneurial spirit needed to help agricultural producers cash in on opportunities. Too often I hear, “I can’t.” Producers have many reasons for negativity. Some are imposed by others, risk tolerance, cash flow, regulations, neighbors or previous…

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Cattle buyers to require Beef Quality Assurance certification

Author : Daniel Buskirk. This article was published by Michigan State University Extension. For more information, visit To have a digest of information delivered straight to your email inbox, visit To contact an expert in your area, visit, or call 888-MSUE4MI (888-678-3464). Marketing beef direct to processors or through many Michigan auction…

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