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Introducing the KUHN MM 890 Merge Maxx® Hay Merger

With 30’ of pickup in a single pass, the KUHN MM 890 Merge Maxx® hay merger is the newest addition to the growing KUHN hay merger lineup. It is unique in the industry and unmatched in its simplicity of operation, durability and merging capabilities.…

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KUHN GA 15131 Quad-Rotor Rotary Rake Sets World Record

KUHN is excited to announce that on August 26, 2019 the first ever-raking world record was achieved by raking 467 acres in 8 hours using a KUHN GA 15131 quad-rotor rotary rake. KUHN’s GA 15131 raked 58.4 acres per hour to establish the record.…

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Seed like a PRO with the new KUHN 9400NT No-Till Grain Drill

Kuhn North America, Inc., is pleased to introduce the new KUHN 9400NT no-till grain drill. The 9400NT is designed for growers and custom operators with full or partial no-till farming operations looking to accurately plant cereal grains, legumes and cover crops. With a variety…

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Computer Managed Hydraulic Drive EZ Ration Processor.

RCMR, Inc. announces their all-new Computer Managed Hydraulic Drive EZ Ration Processor designed and built for precise control and offering more options for blending hay and feed rations.This hydraulic drive truck-mounted hay processor is designed with a computer system controlling its operation to provide…

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A Key for Success at All Stages of Production

(SAINT JOSEPH, Mo., Aug. 21, 2019) The RBC Ranch is situated in Southwest Arkansas, where lifelong cattle producer Steve Groves runs his SimAngus cows. Through trial and error, he’s discovered the best ways to make a living – keeping his herd healthy and productive.…

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