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Bovatec 2.2

New Bovatec® 2.2 from Alpharma delivers ionophore supplementation in a convenient block form. The 44-pound block contains 2.2 grams of lasalocid sodium per pound to help increase weight gain in pasture cattle (slaughter, stocker and feeder cattle, as well as dairy and beef replacement…

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Vista Vaccines

Intervet/Schering-Plough Animal Health is reintroducing to the United States market the Vista® vaccine line, which provides beef cattle veterinarians and cattle feeders with the most complete protection available against the most common and costly bovine respiratory diseases. Vista vaccines protect beef cattle against IBR,…

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Microbial Distribution Applicator

Life Products has received a US patent on an industry changing method for applying freeze-dried micro-organisms to all livestock, poultry and aquatic feeds. This new Patented technology uses state of the art communication ensuring the customer has superior product delivery accountability. With the growing…

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Natur’s Way, Inc. MSE for micro machines

Natur’s Way, Inc. announces a direct-fed microbial  specifically designed for automated feedlot systems using micro-machines. Each 0.5 gram dose of MSE MAX is guaranteed to deliver 5.4 Billion viable microorganisms (CFU) per head per day.  The convenient 7 lb. jugs contain 6356 doses and…

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Recycled Billboard Tarps

Recycled advertising billboard vinyls are being repurposed as tarp material for farmers and ranchers that want to cover grass, alfalfa, make windscreens, or use as a floor covering.  In addition to being a “green” tarp alternative, they are also cheap and effective.   The…

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