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Hi-Plains Systems mobile app

Hi-Plains Systems, Inc., a major supplier of feedlot software to feedlots in the US and around the world, announces its development and release of new desktop software and a new app for iPhone and iPad. The app, IPRO.MED is available for purchase and download…

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Multimin Sponsors DocTalk

Multimin USA is sponsoring DocTalk with Dr. Dan Thomson as part of Multimin USA’s effort to bring the producers and their veterinarians closer together to benefit future beef production. DocTalk will be making house calls each week on RFD-TV at 4:30 pm EST on…

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Merial Acquires Newport Labs

Merial has announced it has acquired Newport Laboratories, a leader in autogenous vaccines. This acquisition will enable Merial to expand its production animal business in the U.S. and optimize Merial’s product technology with Newport’s demand realization expertise.   

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NVD Pond System

Nankervis Enterprises recently introduced The NVD™ System to enhance channel and pond sediment control in feedlots. It is designed to deposit sludge/manure in conveyance channels before it reaches the ponds. The NVD™ system: reduces the frequency and related costs of pond dredging; decreases nutrient…

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RCMR’s Bottom Line Analyzer

RCMR, Inc., manufacturer of the EZ Ration Hay Processor, announces the Bottom Line Analyzer program – available to use for FREE in analyzing a producer’s profit/loss margins. This new on-line program located on the web site allows the producer to enter essential variables…

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