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Cow / Calf Corner

Using wheat pasture as a winter supplement for cows

By : Dr. Glenn Selk, Oklahoma State University Emeritus Extension Animal Scientist Limited grazing of wheat pasture has proven to be the best and also more efficient approach for utilizing this high-quality forage with mature beef cows.  The protein requirements of a dry cow can be met by allowing her to graze on wheat pasture…

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Your Hay Storage Impacts Quality and Quantity

By : David Dugan, OSU Extension Educator, Agriculture and Natural Resources, Adams County   Where and how hay is stored can have a huge impact on the quality and quantity that’s available to be used for feed. With the calendar turning to November, and the temperatures dropping below freezing several mornings now, the time to…

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Stalks and Syrup

By : Dr. Jeff Lehmkuhler, Associate Extension Professor, University of Kentucky This fall many producers are questioning if they will have enough hay to get through to spring. Tight hay supplies are making it difficult to find hay as well. Several folks were asking about baling soybeans that had empty pods and Dr. Teutsch addressed…

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Understanding the Value of Grass in Nebraska

By : Aaron Berger, Nebraska Extension Beef Educator Understanding the value of grass and the opportunities available to grow and harvest more of it are fundamental to ranch success. Photo credit Troy Walz. Nebraska has one of the highest summer pasture rental rates for cow-calf pairs or stocker/yearlings of anywhere in the United States.  On…

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Pelvic Area Measurements in the Management of Replacement Heifers

By : Tom R. Troxel, Professor and Associate Department Head ­Animal Science, Courtesy of University of Arkansas  Division of Agriculture Research & Extension Dystocia Dystocia (calving difficulty) can be a major problem for beef cattle producers in Arkansas, especially with heifers that deliver their first calf as two­year­olds. Dystocia rates as high as 34 percent…

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