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Will Health Effects Linger in Beef Calves Following Harsh Spring Weather?

By : Russ Daly, Professor, SDSU Extension Veterinarian, State Public Health Veterinarian, Courtesy of Beef herds calving in late winter or early spring flirt with disaster annually when it comes to bitter weather conditions. It’s a rare year when a prolonged cold snap or snowstorm – sometimes several of each – doesn’t occur during…

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Lingering Health Effects in Cows and Bulls Following a Harsh Winter and Spring

By : Russ Daly, Professor, SDSU Extension Veterinarian, State Public Health Veterinarian, Courtesy of A previous SDSU Extension article looked at lingering health effects in calves that survive the persistent cold and periodic blizzards that commonly punctuate a Northern Plains winter and spring. Poor immunity, respiratory disease, and scours cases with longer incubation periods were some…

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Pre-breeding nutrition considerations for cows that have struggled this winter

Article written by Katy Lippolis, Iowa State Extension Cow-calf Specialist   While spring may finally be here, harsh weather conditions over the winter, and cold and wet spring storms have taken a toll on late gestation and early lactation cows. Some have depleted body stores to make up for the cold weather, so making sure…

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Summer Gains are Possible

Courtesy of   Summertime. For cattle producers the season means turning cows out to green grass, having cows bred, and backgrounding weaned calves. However, expecting young calves to gain in extreme conditions can sometimes be a challenge. That’s why providing them with the best nutrition possible is imperative during this most stressful time of…

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Prepare for a Successful Embryo Transfer Program

Courtesy of   Propagating superior genetics with the use of advanced reproductive technologies requires an investment in time, labor and finances. The outcome will often result in outstanding offspring that will share genotype and phenotypic make-up of the parents. If you are going to go to the time and expense of breeding cattle using…

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