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Pastures Weakened by Drought

LINCOLN, Neb. — Nebraska's pastures are starting to grow again, but the effects of last year's drought linger and might cause complications for producers, University of Nebraska-Lincoln forage specialist said.   Some might want to get their animals outside and into green fields, but drought-weakened pastures will not be able to feed these animals without…

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Realistic Expectations for Estrous Synchronization and AI Programs

By: Glenn Selk Producers that are wanting to improve the genetic makeup of their beef herds very often turn to artificial insemination (AI) as a tool to accomplish that goal.  Many times, these producers have very high expectations as they begin the first season of artificial breeding.  Perhaps they have heard other producers tell of situations…

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From gate to plate

By: Loretta Sorensen  Feedyard helps connect producers and packers with quality goal in mind. Dealing with ever shrinking profit margins means feedlot owners need to employ every possible tool to cut costs and enhance efficiency. Fourth-generation feedlot owners Ryan and June Loseke at Columbus, NE, have a standing practice of purchasing calves from the same producers…

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Why Do the Heifers Get to Decide Who Breeds the Cows?

By: John F. Grimes Late April is a busy and exciting time of year for the typical cow-calf producer in Ohio. Winter has given way to spring as temperatures slowly rise and grass begins to green up and grow. The 2013 calf crop has hit the ground and we see the early returns on breeding…

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Determining Which Estrous Synchronization Protocol to Use in Heifers

By: Dr. Les Anderson Perhaps one of the more perplexing issues for ranchers considering estrous synchronization and AI (ESAI) is determining which protocol to use to control estrus. Many new systems for controlling the expression of a fertile estrus have been developed in recent years. Another complicating factor is that the best system for cows does…

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