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Culling order – when to let your cows go when forage is limited

By: Glenn Siek Many producers are currently being faced with limited forage availability due to drought and/or fire. One of the first management tools that should be evaluated for cow/calf producers is to cull poorer producing cows and capture their value at a time when the prices for cows and culled replacement heifers are strong…

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Hi Mag minerals – more than just magnesium

By: Paul Davis Although some of the High Plains is in a drought, other parts of the nation have an abundance of rain, which leads to lush and growing pastures. With those beautiful green pastures comes another challenge — grass tetany season. In an effort to mitigate loss, the time-tested practice of providing cattle with…

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Sustained nutrition for lifetime performance

By: Lee Dickerson The list includes: diabetes, hypertension, glucose intolerance, insulin resistance, renal failure, cardiovascular disease and hyperlipidemia. The word “Epigenetics” has emerged as “the idea that environmental factors (to include nutrition, weather, or any outside stressors on the genetic pool), which cause the gene pool to behave differently even though the genes do not…

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Consider timing when applying fly tags

It’s the time of year when many cattlemen are gearing up for fly control. But don’t be to eager to stop flies before they really become a problem. According to Skip French with KMG Animal Health, tagging calves too early can lead to reduced performance in fly ear tags before flies really become a problem.…

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Bale Grazing

By: Heather Smith Thomas “I bale-graze to reduce labor and equipment costs,” says Kenyon. The bonus is free fertilizer. Bale grazing concentrates cattle where they’re eating, and you gradually move the manure deposits across the field as you let them into the next row of bales. He often custom-feeds other rancher’s cattle. “Right now, I’m…

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