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Spring Time Storms and the Cow Herd

By: Glenn Selk Spring time is thunderstorm season across the Plains.  As we observed this week, spring storms occasionally bring severe winds or even tornadoes.  Cleaning up after a severe storm is difficult enough.  Losing valuable cattle brings additional financial hardship to the situation.  Cattle loss can occur in several scenarios.  Livestock may be killed, lost,…

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Transfer Factor – An effective way to prevent disease

By: Heather Smith Thomas Cattle producers deal with disease by vaccination for prevention, and anti-microbial drugs for treatment. The use of drugs is questioned today however, due to increasing numbers of drug-resistant pathogens, and the issue of drug residues in meat if drugs are not used appropriately. Some beef producers and veterinarians are looking at alternatives to…

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A Second Look – Feeding ionophores can improve feed efficiency in the cow herd

By: Loretta Sorensen Ionophores have been available to cattle feeders since 1974. However, with current high forage costs, beef producers may want to revisit the advantages ionophores offer. Use of the feed additive can be effective in cattle finishing as well as cow/calf stocker grazing operations. Kansas State University Associate Professor and Extension Feedlot Specialist…

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Experts: Cattle producers should educate themselves on bovine anaplasmosis when restocking herds

By: Blair Fannin COLLEGE STATION – With cattle producers restocking herds in certain parts of Texas following drought, experts are urging ranchers to be mindful of bovine anaplasmosis, an infectious disease that can be transmitted among cattle by blood. “Due to sustained drought in Texas, many cattle operations have been downsized or depopulated,” said Dr. Tom Hairgrove,…

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Pastures Weakened by Drought

LINCOLN, Neb. — Nebraska's pastures are starting to grow again, but the effects of last year's drought linger and might cause complications for producers, University of Nebraska-Lincoln forage specialist said.   Some might want to get their animals outside and into green fields, but drought-weakened pastures will not be able to feed these animals without…

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