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Emergency Plan: Flooding

By: Heather Smith Thomas The catastrophic flood last year  in Colorado emphasized the need for emergency preparedness. Ragan Adams, Colorado State University, says nearly every farm or ranch is at risk for some sort of hazard, whether fire, flood, tornado, blizzard, power outage, etc. “Everyone needs an emergency plan. Goals for each plan are similar…

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BeefTalk: Not all Bulls Are Herd Bulls

By Kris Ringwall, Beef Specialist Most bulls can fill feedlot pens, but some are herd bulls and some are neither. Every year, the competition in the bull pen gets tougher, so some bulls need to leave. At the Dickinson Research Extension Center, seven long, yearling bulls needed to leave. They were neutered and weighed in…

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Nutritional Management of the Cow Herd

By: John Winder, The Noble Foundation Inadequate nutrition is also the most common cause of delayed breeding among mature cows. A reproductively efficient cow should calve every 12 months. But in order for her to accomplish this feat, she must breed back within 80 days of calving. Think about it, she will be pregnant for…

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Breeding Yearling Heifers

By: John Winder, The Noble Foundation Yearling heifer management is one of the most trying aspects of cow-calf production. Reasons for breeding failure among yearling heifers usually fall into two categories: 1) the heifer is simply not old enough at breeding time or 2) the heifer is not big enough at breeding time. The age…

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Repeatability of calving difficulty

Glenn Selk, Oklahoma State University Emeritus Extension Animal Scientist Many producers are looking back through their calving books now to re-examine the most recent calving season and determine if improvements can be made between now and next spring.  At a recent Oklahoma extension event, a cow/calf producer asked the time-honored question:  “If a heifer has…

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