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Grafting Calves’

By: Heather Smith Thomas Occasionally you need to “graft” an orphan, twin or substitute calf onto a cow that lost her own. There are many tricks for convincing a cow to accept the substitute, such as commercial powder sprinkled on the calf to encourage her to lick it, or smearing Vicks® VapoRub® on her nose…

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Benefits of Winter Supplementation for beyond cow in the cold

By: Paul Davis For many years, the objective of winter supplementation was to bridge any gap that existed between the nutritional requirements of our cattle and the amount of nutrition that our forages, either growing or stored, could provide. This is still the primary objective, but as more is learned about the effects of maternal…

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Calving Seasons

By: Heather Smith Thomas There are many factors involved in deciding when to calve. Whether a stockman calves in January-February (early), March-April (spring), May-June or June-July (summer) or September-October (fall) often hinges on region and climate, marketing goals, feed costs and availability, breeding season considerations, constraints of management, and other factors. There is no perfect…

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Nutrition for the pregnant cow

By: Heather Smith Thomas Cows need different nutritional levels at different stages of gestation. According to Shannon Williams, Lemhi County Extension Agent in Salmon, Idaho, the thing producers really need to remember is that during the 60 days following calving, they are asking the cow to produce milk, repair her uterus and breed back again.…

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Feeding Tactics After a Drought

by James I. Sprague, Ph.D, Nutritionist After the drought of the summer of 2011, all cattle people, both ranchers and feeders, are searching for ideas to either “hang on” or “bail-out.” The challenge is not only the drought in the South and the Plains of the United States, but also the availability and cost of…

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