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Feeding Tactics After a Drought

by James I. Sprague, Ph.D, Nutritionist After the drought of the summer of 2011, all cattle people, both ranchers and feeders, are searching for ideas to either “hang on” or “bail-out.” The challenge is not only the drought in the South and the Plains of the United States, but also the availability and cost of…

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Energy: How to determine energy level from a commercial feed label

by Paul Davis, Ph.D, Nutritionist While protein is a component of hooves, hide, hair, organs, muscle and several body chemicals, it still seems that as an industry we tend to overemphasize protein and underemphasize energy. Over my career, spanning hundreds of producer meetings, farm visits and thousands of phone calls, I have contemplated the reasons…

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Southern Carcass Improvement Project Update

A survey designed to estimate the value of the Southern Carcass Improvement Project (SCIP) cattle as 60-day weaned feeder calves was recently completed by feedyard managers, stocker producers, and auction market operators. A total of 95 experienced cattle market participants from a dozen states were asked to gauge the value of each of the two…

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Shift in parasite population may be costing you

There’s a new public enemy No. 1 when it comes to internal parasites in cattle and it may be costing you. A new study shows that Cooperia reduces intake and rate of gain. Cooperia has become the most prevalent internal parasite in U.S. cattle operations according to research data from USDA’s National Animal Health Monitoring…

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Comparing mineral supplements using the label

By: Paul Davis Summer is a busy time of year for beef producers and their livestock. Fall-calving cows may be “mending up” after weaning a calf. Whereas, spring-calvers are often at late lactation and breeding season is just completed. All these stages of production are very important to the financial health of a beef operation.…

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