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BeefTalk: The Concern is a Dwindling Hay Pile

By : Kris Ringwall, Beef Specialist, NDSU Extension Service   This time of year, most beef producers have an eye on the hay pile, knowing pasture turnout is still several weeks away. As they scan the cow herd and count bales, they know the hay pile has to match the herd’s daily feed intake, and…

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Protect the Cow Herd and Get Calves Off to the Right Start

Flexibility in protocols gives producers best opportunity to protect the unborn calf   While spring calving season is just around the corner and fall calving herds are about to wean, it’s never too early to think about protecting the next calf crop by implementing a strong fetal protection vaccine program.   “It’s important to get…

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Using Early Season Forage Growth – Is There Enough for Growing, Calving Heifers?

By Karla Jenkins, UNL Cow/Calf Specialist   As spring approaches most producers are anxious to get cows out of the lot and make use of early spring grazing. While there are certainly some advantages to sending pairs out into fresh air and wide open spaces, there are some forage availability and diet quality considerations producers…

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Do Some Selection Tools Result in Unintended Consequences?

By : Justin Sexten, Ph.D., Director, CAB Supply Development   You hear more about mature cow size and growth potential of calves, now that profit ebbs and flows with the cycle. We’ve written about mature size, but not much about how to use the relevant tools to change it. So now, let’s examine the strategies…

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A Cheap Bull May Be Just That

By : Andrew P. Griffith, University of Tennessee   There have been several discussions recently concerning bull sales and expected progeny differences (EPDs) which is probably a factor of the impending breeding season. The discussions have ranged in topic and have included the timing of a bull sale, saturation of the bull market, bulls that…

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