Cow / Calf Corner

This Winter Has Been Tough on Cows!

By : Mark Landefeld, OSU Extension Agriculture Educator, Monroe County To add on too the great nutrition article in last week’s newsletter, I want to mention a resource available for producers to help monitor their cow’s body condition score. An Ohio State University Extension Fact Sheet may be found at Dr. Boyles, last week, gave us…

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CattleFax Cow-Calf Survey Released

CENTENNIAL, CO — February 6, 2019 — CattleFax has introduced its annual Cow-Calf Survey. Information requested in the survey provides participants and the rest of the industry with valuable information regarding industry benchmarks and trends.Survey participants will receive a results summary packet, with useful information that will allow managers and owners to evaluate their own operations. Items…

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Reducing the risk of calf scours (Part 2)

By : Glenn Selk, Oklahoma State University Emeritus Extension Animal Scientist Last week in the Cow Calf Corner Newsletter we examined management practices that would reduce the risk of calf diarrhea (scours) by reducing the exposure of the calf to the pathogens that could cause the disease.  This week we will look at methods of…

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Heterosis and its Impact

By : Grady Ruble, SDSU Extension Cow/Calf Field Specialist, Courtesy of   Dr. Robbi Pritchard compared replacement females to corn farming in a recent producer meeting. His point being grain farmers don’t plant conventional corn when there are hybrid varieties that offer greater production potential, so why are we trending toward largely straight-bred cow…

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Winter Feeding Beef Cows

By : Steve Boyles, OSU Beef Extension Specialist The goal is to have a winter feeding program meets the cow’s requirements and is economical. There is a biological priority for nutrients.  The needs for maintenance, growth and milk production must be met before we can optimize reproduction. The period from approximately 60 to 90 days…

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