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Why is 45 day weaning to important to feeder calf health?

by Glenn Selk, Oklahoma State University Animal Science Professor Emeritus Most of the “Value-Added” calf sales require that the calves are weaned at least 45 days prior to sale date.  Some cow calf producers may wonder why the post-weaning period needs to be so lengthy.  Data from Iowa from over a nine year period in…

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Oklahoma Quality Beef Network Vac-45 Fall Sales starting soon

by Gant Mourer, Oklahoma State University Beef Value Enhancement Specialist Successful cow-calf producers strive to receive the highest possible value for their calves at sale date.  The Oklahoma Quality Beef Network (OQBN) is a program, which began in 2001, and is a joint effort by Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service and the Oklahoma Cattlemen’s Association.  OQBN…

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Will fall beef cow culling follow seasonal patterns?

by Derrell S. Peel, Oklahoma State University Extension LIvestock Marketing Specialist The fall cow culling season is upon us.  The weeks from mid-October through mid-December typically has the highest beef cow slaughter of the year (except for Thanksgiving week), with most of the increase in the four weeks prior to Thanksgiving.  Whether or not we…

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Understanding culling and replacement rates critical

Culling and replacement rates are the two numbers that will impact the base cow herd. These numbers are shifted as managers determine how to fit cattle to given resources. The rates are the foundation to expanding and contracting cattle numbers. Knowing one's culling and replacement rates and relating those numbers to industry numbers is important.…

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Uniform higher quality

Move toward consumer target boosts beef industry By Miranda Reiman Every auction barn study says the larger the group and the more uniform the cattle, the higher the premiums. Work from Arkansas to North Dakota proves it’s true on individual lots, but what of that logic when it’s applied to the nation’s cowherd? In a…

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