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Body condition score at calving is the key to young cow success

By : Glenn Selk, Oklahoma State University Emeritus Extension Animal Scientist   Most areas of Oklahoma have had adequate summer forage to allow pregnant replacement heifers to be in excellent body condition going into late fall and winter.  Now producers are faced with the challenge of maintaining body condition on the replacement heifers through the…

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AgriLife Extension organizing Grass Grazing and Animal Management School

LUBBOCK – A 10-month Grass Grazing and Animal Management School coordinated by the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service is being scheduled for the Lubbock area. The school will kick off Feb. 20 in Lubbock at the AgriLife Extension offices for Lubbock County, 1102 E. Farm-to-Market Road 1294, Lubbock. Dr. Tim Steffens, Texas A&M AgriLife Extension…

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Tally Time – Troubleshooting Poor Pregnancy Rates

By : Sandy Johnson, extension beef specialist, Colby, KS From time to time, you hear through the grapevine that someone’s herd had an unusually high number of open cows at fall preg check time.  That is when you wipe your brow and say “glad that didn’t happen to my herd”!   In some cases, the poor…

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3 Nutrition Tips to Improve Your Breeding Program

The cattle industry has breeding gold standards 85 days to rebreed, a 60-day calving window and cows in body condition score (BCS) 6, to name a few. But beating the average and holding your operation to a higher standard isn’t just another bullet point on a list of goals; it’s a philosophy with tangible, long-term…

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Lower Heifer Costs NOT FERTILITY

BY KATRINA HUFFSTUTLER     It’s a great time to own cows, but only if you have a competitive cost structure with the right genetics and management to compete in today’s marketplace, Rick Funston said. The reproductive physiologist with the University of Nebraska- North Platte addressed 200 cattlemen at the Feeding Quality Forum this summer…

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