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Feedstuff Considerations for Feeding Bulls

By : Matt Hersom and Todd Thrift Introduction Choosing from the array of feedstuffs available for feeding and developing bulls can be challenging for many beef cattle producers. The feed industry, popular press, and other cattlemen often offer conflicting advice about feedstuffs or their ingredients. Questions arise about the utilization of specific feeds, anti-quality components…

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Healthy Grasslands Series: Managing Livestock Attractants Near Water

By : Sandy Smart, Professor & SDSU Extension Rangeland Management Specialist, SDSU Natural Resource Management Department, Courtesy of   Placement of Water and Salt/Mineral Blocks Proper placement of water and salt/mineral blocks can aid in distribution of livestock within a pasture. By controlling placement of these resources, you control animal behavior and patterns, reducing…

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What Is the Impact of Infertility in Beef Cattle?

By : G. Cliff Lamb, Carl Dahlen, Vitor R.G. Mercadante, and Kayln Bischoff Beef producers need cows to become pregnant, deliver healthy calves, and wean productive calves in order to make their operations economically viable. The failure of breeding females to become pregnant directly impacts the economic viability of every beef operation, yet few producers…

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Targeting ADG of Developing Replacement Heifers Using Age and Body Weight

By : Phillip Lancaster, John Arthington, and Philipe Moriel Age and Body Weight at Puberty Heifer development continues to be one of the largest expenses to cow-calf operations, primarily due to cost of feed. Replacement heifers should be bred to calve at 24 months of age in order to maximize lifetime productivity of breeding females.…

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BeefTalk: May Calving Bull Turnout is Aug. 1

By : By Kris Ringwall, Beef Specialist, NDSU Extension Service Given later calving, 99 percent of the cows are calving within the first two breeding cycles (42 days) at the Dickinson Research Extension Center. The center switched to May calving in 2012. So far, following late-calving on grass in 2013 and 2014, the cows have…

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