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Reducing Yucca in Rangeland

By : Bruce Anderson, Nebraska Extension Forage Specialist When yucca covers too much land to spray, the only cost effective way to reduce its impact is to winter graze. Photo credit Troy Walz. Yucca plants, which are also called soapweed by many people, have nearly overrun many rangelands.  There are ways, though, to reclaim those…

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Remove Net Wrap From Forages

Courtesy of North Dakota State University Livestock Extension   Producers should remove net wrap before feeding forages to their livestock. Cattle may eat the net wrap if it’s not removed. Eating excessive amounts of net wrap can result in livestock illness and deaths. A study NDSU Animal Sciences Department researchers conducted on several hay bale-binding materials found…

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Implications of Rain on Next Year’s Calf Crop

By: Karla H. Wilke, UNL Cow/Calf Systems and Stocker Management A snowy/rainy spring gave way to above average rainfall for the summer in much of the mid-section of the country. While most won’t complain about rain, the moisture has sure presented challenges for this year’s hay crop. Abundant moisture resulted in rapid growth and maturity…

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Performance trace minerals help improve young cow reproduction

By: Kaitlyn Arnold, Department of Animal Science, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Texas A&M University One of the keys to a successful and profitable beef cow operation is getting cows to breed early and maintain a shorter calving interval. One of the keys to a successful and profitable beef cow operation is getting cows…

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Tetanus Easier to Prevent Than Treat

By: Dr. Harold Newcomb, D.V.M., technical services veterinarian, Merck Animal Health The age-old saying that “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” is true for many animal health protocols, especially with some diseases being more difficult to treat than others. Tetanus is one such disease. Treatment is not dependably successful – fatality…

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