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Water Management Tip

By Robert Jones, M.S. & Luke Miller, M.S. Water is a precious resource and all living things depend on it for survival. Livestock production practices are being scrutinized by some media outlets making false claims with exaggerated research often paid for by special interests’ groups. However, it’s important to note that as the world population…

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Reimagining Liver Health in Beef Cattle By Miranda Reiman Undetectable diseases are hard to cure. You can’t look at a pen of feedyard cattle and know which ones have liver abscesses. Even technologies like ultrasound or blood tests don’t uncover it. “It’s just impossible to detect that in a live animal,” said Scott Laudert, who…

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COVID-19 Coverage for Cattle Feeders

Courtesy of Texas Cattle Feeders Association Ongoing efforts are in motion surrounding COVID-19 effects on the beef industry. TCFA will work to keep you informed as the situation continues to evolve. The CME Group took emergency action this week to expand the March 2020 Feeder Cattle futures contract price limits to $10 for Tuesday, Wednesday…

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What’s in the Stimulus Package for Beef Producers?

Courtesy of Texas Cattle Feeders Association The Senate and the House passed, and President Trump signed into law Phase 3 of the Coronavirus Relief Package. The bill provides USDA with $9.5 billion in funding to provide support for agricultural producers impacted by coronavirus, including livestock producers, dairy and specialty crop producers. Additionally, the bill replenishes…

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CAB Insider & Market Update

MARKET UPDATE By Paul Dykstra March 25, 2020 Beef market conditions in the past two weeks have responded with tremendous force in the wake of COVID-19 as U.S. consumer buying at retail escalated to a frenzy. Fear of food shortages is a very real phenomenon for the public, as shoppers come face to face with…

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