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Lallemand News Feed: Your Gut Instinct to Minimize Disease

When producers spot a sick animal, they often begin to closely monitor water and feed intake. That instinct is right on target based on what we know about animals’ immune systems. While seemingly simple, these tasks help support a diverse community of microorganisms found in all animals, including humans, called the microbiome. “The microbiome is…

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On-Arrival Vaccination vs Delayed Vaccination

By : JILL J. DUNKEL In high risk calves, research shows delayed vaccination strategies could trigger an improved immune response with no increase in morbidity It’s common practice to vaccinate newly arrived cattle coming in to a feedlot or backgrounding operation. These calves – especially if they are of a mixed or sale barn origin…

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WHY Antibiotics Fail Hint: It’s probably not the drug’s fault

By : Michelle Arnold, DVM, DABVP Ruminant Extension Veterinarian, University of Kentucky   Bovine respiratory disease (BRD) continues to be the most common cause of feedlot death loss, despite improved vaccines and expensive long-acting antibiotics formulated specifically against the bugs commonly found in a diseased bovine lung. Beyond death loss due to severe pneumonia, the…

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Hospital Systems

By : Heather Smith Thomas   Good hospital pens are crucial for effective, efficient treatment of sick cattle to get them back to their home pens quickly. Hospital systems vary, depending on yard size, treatment plans, facilities, etc. Exercise or additional treatments can also be utilized, all with the goal of reuniting sick livestock with…

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Lighten Workloads, Pack on Pounds: Tips for Performance Success at the Feedlot

You go to work well before sunup, and you don’t hang up your hat until after sundown. But with so much to get done, hours in the feedyard click by in a hot minute. Cattle are constantly moving — feeder cattle coming in, market cattle shipping out. Your list continues, from processing 100-plus head at…

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