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CASNR leads effort to boost marbling in beef without increasing overall fatness

The desire to find the juiciest piece of beef, be it a steak or ribs or roast, isn’t limited to just the restaurant and how it is seasoned or cooked. It starts well before that. It begins when the cattle are still alive, still being raised and fed, and how and what they are fed.…

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Feed Mixing 101

By: Jana Gramkow, Ph.D., Great Plains Livestock Consulting,Inc. Mixing feed is a key quality control point in cattle feeding operations, with the goal being to deliver a consistent ration across the entire bunk every time. Improperly mixed feeds can cause variable cattle performance and intake patterns. Common mixing errors that occur are overloaded mixers, improper…

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Controlling Feed Yard Dust

As the afternoon sun begins to wane, the particulate matter in the air is apparent. A cloud of dust particles hangs over the pens of cattle, from the ground to about 20 feet in the air. The air is stagnant. And the dust is thick. Cattle cough and their eyes water. It’s a time known…

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The Impact of Basis in Fed Cattle

By: Josh Maples, Assistant Professor & Extension Economist, Department of Agricultural Economics, Mississippi State University A relationship sometimes overlooked but important to the flow of cattle is the difference between the cash and futures price or the basis. For example, at the end of last week, the 5-area weekly weighted average cash price for all…

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National Changes in Intensity and Type of Antimicrobials used for Metaphylaxis

By: Elliot Dennis, Nebraska Extension Livestock Marketing Risk Management Specialist A recent publication entitled Antimicrobials Used for Metaphylaxis and Implications for Product Diversification in the Animal Health Sector provides context on how metaphylaxis use in U.S. cattle feedlots has changed between 2011 and 2016. Metaphylaxis is an animal health practice where at-risk feedlot cattle are…

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