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Corn Silage Needs Adequate Moisture to Ferment

Sources : Karl Hoppe, Kevin Sedivec and Ellen CrawfordNDSU Agriculture Communication An early frost is challenging for corn silage production. (NDSU photo) Early season frost is challenging for corn silage producers, according to Karl Hoppe, Extension livestock systems specialist at NDSU’s Carrington Research Extension Center. Frost makes an abrupt end to the corn-growing season. This…

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Reviews Mixed on Proposed Price Discovery Legislation

While the much of cattle industry is divided on mandatory requirements for a percentage of fat cattle to be sold on the cash market, a Nebraska senator took the topic to Capital Hill, introducing a bill on the matter. U.S. Senator Deb Fischer (R-Neb.) introduced the Cattle Market Transparency Act of 2020 on September 22nd,…

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Flexibility Should Fuel a Feedyard’s Implant Program

Efficient performance comes from keeping it simple and appropriate for the stage of growth When choosing a cattle implant, take an approach that proves true in the feedyard and beyond: Keep it simple. Today’s implant market contains so many options that trying to set up a simple program can be overwhelming. However, if the implant program…

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CAB Carcass Specifications Expanded

by Paul Dykstra MARKET UPDATE The past two weeks have brought more weakness in the cash live cattle market. After touching the $106/cwt. mark in mid-August, the upward momentum was lost. Last week’s trade saw prices dip by $1 to $2/cwt., even though Live Cattle futures had a fairly positive week, premium to the cash…

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Questions and Misconceptions Surrounding Implants

By : Warren Rusche, SDSU Extension Beef Feedlot Management AssociateCourtesy of extension.sdstate.edu Growth promoting implants are among the most widely used technologies in the beef industry. The first implant received FDA approval in 1954 and now more than 90% of all beef cattle in feedlots are implanted prior to harvest. Yet in spite of that…

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