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Choosing the Right Custom Feeding Partner

By : Warren Rusche, SDSU Extension Beef Feedlot Management Associate, Courtesy of   Custom cattle feeding can be a “win-win” strategy when done correctly. Feeding someone else’s cattle provides a method to market feedstuffs without tying up the capital required to own the livestock. Custom feeding arrangements allow cattle owners access to management expertise…

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Proper Ingredient Sampling Leads to More Precise Rations

By : Dr. Karl Harborth and Dr. Jason Warner, Great Plains Livestock Consulting, Inc.   Feed is the single greatest production cost in cattle operations. Couple this with weaker cattle markets, and margins are slim on the production side of the beef industry. This only increases the need to test feeds for their nutrient content…

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Manure Rules not just for Large CAFOs

By : Leslie Johnson, UNL Animal Manure Management Project Coordinator   Have you ever been overwhelmed by the amount of manure regulations in Nebraska? Or anywhere? Let’s make it a little easier to digest. The good news is that Nebraska regulations related to manure do not change very often. In fact, the current regulations have…

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The Dependable Feed Efficiency Tool You Could be Overlooking

Watertown, Wis. [November 4th, 2019] – Measuring the amount of starch in cattle manure is essential to keeping track of efficiency and capturing opportunity cost in any operation. Most of the time, efficiency is measured by the feed to gain ratio, but seldom is the amount feed that passes through cattle to the manure, measured. Fecal starch…

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CAB Insider & Market Update

MARKET UPDATE By Paul Dykstra November 6, 2019 Cattle and boxed beef markets have posted significant gains over the past two weeks in a continuation of what has been an impressive recovery since the unsettled markets of August/September. Negotiated fed-steers and heifers last week averaged $113/cwt., up $3.00/cwt. over the week prior on 50,000 head…

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