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Beef farmers learn from 50 feedouts

Source : Eldon Cole   JOPLIN, Mo. – Missouri beef herd owners learn profits and risks of sending their calves to a feedlot. They’ve entered 50 Missouri Steer Feedouts run by University of Missouri Extension. To cut risks in learning, they enter samples of five to 20 head, said Eldon Cole, MU Extension livestock specialist.…

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Calculating the Cost of an Immune Response

When an immune response is initiated, it can cost cattle producers days — perhaps weeks — of growth and productivity. Avoiding illness is the clear path to maximizing gains and bottom line results. “It takes energy and protein to mount an immunological response,” explains Andy Skidmore DVM, PhD, Technical Services — Ruminant, Lallemand Animal Nutrition.…

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Transitioning Calves from Receiving to a Feedlot Diet

By : Dr. Francis L. Fluharty, Department of Animal Sciences, The Ohio State University (Originally published in the Ohio Farmer on-line)   When starting calves pull feed to the center of the feed bunk every 4 to 6 hours for the first 48 hours. Do this slowly so the cattle are intrigued, but not scared.…

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Pneumonia in Feeder Calves? Don’t Forget Histophilus somni

By : Michelle Arnold, DVM (Ruminant Extension Veterinarian, UKVDL) In this era of advanced vaccine technology and long-acting, expensive, powerful antibiotics, why do cases of Bovine Respiratory Disease (BRD) continue to increase? One reason is the re-emergence of Histophilus somni (formerly known as Haemophilus somnus) as a major bacterial pathogen responsible for the development of…

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Breakaway Prime begins to swamp demand

by Paul Dykstra, Certified Angus Beef      As carcass quality grade trends have risen over the years, we’ve seen Prime carcasses pull some of the head count away from the Choice grade in 2018. Year-to-date figures show Choice grade declining by 1 percentage point (ppt) this year, only to be augmented to the positive side for…

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