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CAB Insider: Market Update

by Paul Dykstra Fed cattle prices last week were disappointing to sellers, as Texas and Kansas feeders sold out early in the week at $125-$126/cwt. Some now say we’ve already seen the spring high, but this is not a simple market to sort out, with certain lingering effects from the winter weather that we’ve yet to…

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Evaluation of active dried yeast in the diets of feedlot steers. II. Effects on rumen pH and liver health of feedlot steers

Published by Oxford University Press on behalf of the American Society of Animal Science   The objective of this trial was to determine the benefits of supplementing active dried yeast (ADY; 3 × 1010 CFU/d of Saccharomyces cerevisiae) in diets of growing and finishing steers on ruminal pH and liver health, and evaluate the relationship of these…

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Grid vs. Live

By : Jill J. Dunkel   Does Premium Potential Outweigh Shipping Costs? Last November, Certified Angus Beef’s Paul Dykstra wrote a column for the CAB Insider that is featured every two weeks in FEED-LOT’s eNews. This column caught the attention of several, and we wanted to expand on Paul’s thoughts. The topic-shipping matters. When it…

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Feedlot Profitability Tips

By GPLC Consultants All feedlot managers know that when it comes to feeding cattle there are certain factors that cannot be controlled. Weather, cattle prices and feed prices are never a certainty. So, what are some things that can be done that directly impact feedlot profitability? The consultants at Great Plains Livestock Consulting have composed…

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2018 Year in Review More Demand for More of the Best

By : Paul Dykstra The past year in beef cattle markets may be characterized best by two very important factors. Not surprisingly, those are supply and demand. While the U.S. beef cow herd remains in expansion mode, the pace has greatly slowed as seen by the share of heifers in the fed cattle mix. That…

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