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TCFA Feedyard Programs Suite Recognized by Leading Beef Sustainability Group

The U.S. Roundtable for Sustainable Beef (USRSB), a full beef stakeholder initiative focused on continuous improvement, officially recognized the Texas Cattle Feeders Association (TCFA) suite of feedyard services and programs as aligning with the U.S. Beef Industry Sustainability Framework. “TCFA feedyards are the envy of the world in terms of efficiently converting grains and by-products…

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Long-Duration Implants Offer a Flexible, Labor-Saving Soluton

Courtesy of: Zoetis Managing a feedlot requires innovative responses to time-consuming — and costly — demands. Beef producers must explore anything that could solve two or three problems at once, which is why it’s important to understand the labor savings and operational flexibility that come with using a long-duration implant. First, a long-duration implant offers…

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High Moisture Corn Management

By: Jeremy Martin, Ph.D., Nutritionist If putting up high moisture corn (HMC) is part of your repertoire, I am going to challenge you to manage the entire process in order to achieve success. From an agronomic standpoint, HMC expands the harvest season and reduces in-field grain loss by 3-6%. From a feeding standpoint, HMC improves…

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Research Looks at Congestive Heart Failure in Feedlot Cattle

By: Heather Smith Thomas Some cattle at high elevations suffer pulmonary artery hypertension, which leads to congestive heart failure, but more cattle are susceptible to bovine congestive heart failure (BCHF), showing up in feedlot animals. BCHF is an untreatable, fatal condition involving pulmonary hypertension that culminates in right ventricular failure, but may begin with left-heart…

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Texas A&M-led study seeks to understand management factors affecting BRD risk

Sarah Capik, D.V.M., Ph.D., will lead a multi-state research study to determine if cattle management impacts BRD risk. (Texas A&M AgriLife photo) AMARILLO – Animal welfare, sustainability and economics are affected when beef cattle suffer from bovine respiratory disease, or BRD. “BRD is hard to simplify as there are multiple risk factors and pathogens involved,…

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