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Keys To Shade Success

Offering properly designed and positioned shade structures can make a big difference in a feed yard setting. It’s no surprise that airflow and shade can help alleviate heat stress in livestock. Shade can decrease the core body temperature and respiration rate of cattle by reducing solar radiation. And placed in areas where the airflow is…

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SDSU Extension offers Feedlot Shortcourse

BROOKINGS, S.D. – SDSU Extension is offering a Feedlot Shortcourse as an opportunity for cattle feeders to sharpen their management skills and improve their profit potential. The SDSU Extension Feedlot Shortcourse will be a two-day event held in Brookings at the SDSU Cow/Calf Education and Research Facility classroom (2901 Western Avenue). The event begins at 8:30 AM…

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2018 North American Manure Expo is coming to Brookings August 15 and 16, 2018

BROOKINGS, S.D. – The 2018 North American Manure Expo is coming to the Swiftel Center in Brookings (824 32nd Ave.) on August 15 and 16, 2018.    This two-day, national event, hosted by SDSU Extension and partners, is an opportunity for livestock producers, professional manure applicators, consultants, specialists and many others to see the advances in the…

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Decrease BRD Re-treatments. Decrease Losses.

Three ways eliminating extra pulls and re-treatments helps improve your returns By John Pollreisz, DVM, Beef Technical Services, Zoetis It’s simple to look at your profit and loss statement and see exactly how much you are spending on treatment medications for bovine respiratory disease (BRD). But BRD could be impacting more areas of your profit…

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AS TOLD TO JILL J. DUNKEL   Sprinkler or mister systems are used successfully in cattle operations to provide respite from extreme heat. Terry Mader, Ph.D, owner of Mader Consulting and a retired Beef Cattle Specialist- from the University of Nebraska- Lincoln, said there is more to a successful sprinkler program than just turning on…

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