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Recent studies expand knowledge on shade and nutritional supplementation’s impact on heat stress

  The dog days of summer are just a few turns of the calendar way. Documentation of heat stress in livestock, especially in feed yards, is nothing new. Significant research has been conducted in the High Plains and major cattle feeding areas documenting the effects of heat stress. Two newer studies looked at heat stress…

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Enogen corn and cattle production

BY : JORDAN BURHOOP, M.S. & DAN LARSON, PH.D., RUMINANT NUTRITIONISTS Great Plains Livestock Consulting   The cattle feeding industry is based on rations consisting of corn and various byproducts of the corn milling industry. As  consultants, we are ever vigilant to changes in feedstuff quality and the effect of new feedstuffs on cattle performance.…

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Work Safely Around Grain

Using appropriate safety practices when working around grain is vital. “Make sure everyone, including family and employees, working around stored grain understands the hazards and proper safety procedures,” North Dakota State University Extension Service agricultural engineer Ken Hellevang says. “Too many people ignore safety practices and suffer severe injury or death while working around grain,”…

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N.D. Angus Calf Feed-out Program Set

Cattle producers will have an opportunity to see how Angus-sired cattle from their operation perform in a feedlot during the North Dakota Angus University (NDAU) calf feed-out program this summer and fall. Producers also will be able to learn about the potential profitability of keeping calves and feeding them instead of selling them after weaning…

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Manage for marbling

By Nicole Lane Erceg Animal scientists know hormone implants affect marbling distribution in the muscles of cattle. For higher quality grades, nutritionists may advise delayed or no implants, but adding value later must be weighed against the near-term payoff of $25 or more per head. As new implants become available for use earlier and earlier…

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