Feedlot Focus

Preparing calves for the feedlot

By Katy Lippolis, ISU Extension cow-calf specialist The transition for calves through weaning and feedlot receiving is a difficult one. Prior to this point, calves often have been living an easy life with their dams who provide them with nutrition and comfort. Our goal should be to make the transition as easy as possible for them and…

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CAB Insider: Record production & market update

MARKET UPDATE by Paul Dykstra, Certified Angus Beef The federally inspected cattle harvest last week was 635K, just under the prior week and in line with seasonal expectations ahead of Labor Day, including a greatly truncated Saturday harvest. Labor Day week, of course, brings on a greatly reduced weekly head count—but look for a big…

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The Silver Bullet to Ensuring Quality Silage

Unfortunately, there is no single product or solution to create high-quality silage. The forages being harvested right now across North America will soon be feedstuffs. The goal of silage is to preserve the quality and nutrients present in those crops at the time of harvest.   “When producers start with good forage and use tried-and-true…

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Water Content Key in Making Corn Silage

Whole-plant moisture and the plant’s maturity at harvest affect corn silage quality, according to Kevin Sedivec, North Dakota State University Extension rangeland management specialist. “Making corn silage requires moisture for proper fermentation to minimize dry-matter loss and spoilage,” he says. “Ensiling at the correct whole-plant moisture content and optimum plant maturity is critical.” Corn should…

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Market Update

By : Paul Dykstra     Last week’s federally inspected cattle harvest was one of the year’s largest at 660K head, and 15,000 head larger than the week prior. Packers needing to meet sold-ahead obligations for Labor Day demand may explain the larger head count through their plants. Cash fed cattle trade in the country was lackluster,…

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